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The Shopper’s Guide to Home Decoration: Playrooms


Playrooms are quite self-explanatory, they’re basically rooms where one could play, usually used by kids, but can also be used by adolescents and some adults depending on what kind of “play” (what I mean is entertainment folks) they are going to do in the room. Decorating playrooms con be one of the most exciting, innovative, and probably the most confusing to decorate, practically running second to bedrooms in complexity.

This is because playrooms, like bedrooms, are usually personalized areas and sanctuaries of people especially children, and unlike a living room where a typical arrangement would work, some treat bedrooms in a way that they should be designed after the owner’s reflection of himself or herself. Well, if you’re still clueless as to what kind of design to apply or what kind of articles are good to buy for a playroom, a list of tips and a few facts might help along the way.

Children’s playrooms can contain almost anything that can be considered as entertainment material for the child. If your child is a complete toddler, then simple but educational designs such as numbers, letters, and a few cute animal images can be plastered throughout the walls of the room. Decorate these designs using bright colors with alternating contrasts, so that your child can look at the “coded data” better. In regular rooms, toy’s should always be kept neat and orderly after use, but in playrooms, they can be scattered around and be left that way, no orderly arrangement is required except for the few furniture and larger play sets that are in the room.

For the more mature type of decoration, a sleek and modern design would surely get the appeal of boys who just love the combination of the futuristic ambience of the room with their enthusiasm for video games. For a more convincing effect, you can even decorate a section of the area with common articles found in the video games that they play (be sure to shop with your kids before doing this). In addition, several game consoles should be neatly organized near the video output device (a television in short) for lesser maintenance.

For the adult type playrooms, arranging each of the game tables in order would probably be enough to make it look neat and organized. Save a larger space for the more active games such as pool and billiards, and for other games like playing cards, bingo and mahjong, you can place the tables just enough so that there would be enough room for movement (choose the smaller, no backrest stools). Oh, and have a little space for some nice comfy furniture in case you grandfather suddenly had the urge to open a small book to read.

Going to the general idea of each room, choose and buy the articles that are related at your own pace (stuff in what is needed, take out the excess), so that next time you or your teenage kid or your toddler is going “in” for a play, just walk right in front of that door, and transport yourself to a dimension of pure playing fun and entertainment.

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