How Quick Can You Get with Your Living Room?

If you are expecting visitors in a week’s time, you are probably thinking of doing some quick living room makeover. Since most of your guests would stay in your living room, you know you have to spice the space up so as to impress your visitors. But how are you going to make it presentable without having to exert effort and spend money too much? There are many ways in which you can make some quick living room makeover. You first have to set your goal. What do you want to see? What changes do you want to happen? You can set the mood, quick repair the damages, or rearrange your furniture. You can do all of these in just a one day so you won’t have to cram in preparing the entire house for your visitors.

Elegant livingroom

If you want to set the mood in your living room, you can do so by changing the color of the paint of your walls. If you want to have a dimmer ambiance in your living room, you can use some dark colors such as brown, black or gray. If you want to have a brighter perspective on your walls, you can choose bright colors such as yellow, orange, or white. However, if you think painting your walls would take too much time, you can resort to putting some wallpaper that is easy to paste on your walls. There are many designs available, and laying it out on your wall would surely take less of your time.

If you are not satisfied with the results, you can add some lights in your living room. You can choose from a wide variety of light colors, depending on what you want to achieve. You can soften the lighting so it would appear dimmer. You can also add some pieces of wall art to add to the mood of your living room. You can choose from small pieces to big pieces, though the bigger the furniture or wall art you add, the better effect it will give to your room.

Sophisticated rustic style livingroom

Actually, you can really do a quick living room makeover even with just playing on colors. You can have a uniform color for every piece of furniture or décor you are going to add in your room, or maybe follow the color of your sofa so that you can achieve a single family of colors. Or if you want, you can also play on the contrast of colors. If you have one color for your sofa, buy some decors with different colors. This would surely brighten your living room.

As for the damage, you can do some quick repairs, yes. But if that would need much time, you can just settle first with some covers like curtains or wallpaper if you have damage on your windows or walls. It is a quick living room makeover, and you have to be real quick in preparing before your visitors come in.

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