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Top Ten Feng Sui Basic Tips on your Water Fountains


Feng Sui is an art developed in China since 3,000 years ago. In Chinese vocabulary Feng means “wind” and Sui means “water”. These words can bring good health according to their ancient belief. It is a kind of knowledge about balancing the energy into a certain place to bring good fortune to individuals within that place. It is known to be the most complicated filed in ancient Chinese art.

Here are the top ten tips on how to effectively use fountains to bring good luck at home.
1. Use of water and electricity- A usual water fountain is being operated by electricity. This kind of technique can bring good fortune according to the traditional Chinese culture. In Chinese culture water serves as the most crucial component that promotes growth of the rice. Electricity in some point can bring change and activity that allows good fortune. Water is a part of the five components that makes up the Chinese ancient art of Feng Sui.
2. Fountain as a moving object- The most essential part of Feng Sui tips is both present on fountain. Moving objects such water and wind promote a good circulation of good luck around the house. The water present in fountains and the air circulating around the fountain as it moves is called an active Chi. This Chi signify abundance which has to move freely on any surface in order to make a balanced energy.
3. Alive plants and objects- living things like plants and flowers represent life and as well as growth. It is good to integrate any kind of plants in your fountain to increase new energy circulating on your home.
4. Art of sound- Water can produce relaxing sound that attracts people. Fountain together with a chimes and bells is very appealing to produce Chi.
5. Add solid and heavy objects- Solid objects such as rock and statues block the positive Chi from leaving your home.
6. Have objects that shines- Any object that produces light or shine can attract positive energy. Some fountains have colorful lights place in the frame. This can promote happiness and added positive Chi.
7. Importance of colors- Color red means strength and pleasure while pink, purple and plum colors are known to be a fortune color. Blue and green encourage tranquility. Integrate these colors on your fountain to create more harmony and good luck.
8. Having a bamboo flute- You can add a touch of bamboo flute over a rock for safety and stability inside the house.
9. Importance of fragrance- Relaxing fragrance around the fountain can create a positive flow of energy.
10. Ancient “Bagua”- A Bagua is a Chinese map which means eight areas of life. The location of the fountain must be place on the area you want to increase to increase energy.

Individuals, who believe in Feng Sui, largely depends their life and fortune on positive flow of energy. In this case, Feng Sui can be very useful if you want to know how to effectively use fountains at your home to promote good fortune.

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