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Wall Décor: Unique and Novel Ideas


Most of us fail to notice the need for decorating the walls as we spend almost all of our time in the furniture placement. We think of how the place would look with a chaise leather sofa ensemble, an antique table or a chest of drawers. We leave out the walls for last and in some cases completely ignore them. This is what happens in most decorating situations and if you find yourself in one such setting then here are some ideas on how you can decorate your walls giving them a splendour and opulence they deserve.

Womans bedroom mural

A specialist gives us some unique and novel ideas to spruce up those dull walls. Murals are in vogue anytime of the season. Hunt for some eye-catching mural. A trompe l’oeil wall mural gives your room a dazzling and appealing look and can change a dull place to a lively buzzing one. The word trompe l’oeil means “fool the eye” and that aptly tells its purpose. Tapestry is another piece which you cannot do without while decorating your walls. These can be custom made to any size you desire. These come in leather or in some cases they are made of hand painted canvas. They give an exquisite look to your walls.

If you want a cool look to your walls try the stained glass windows. You can get these from the salvaged bits found in old structures or in churches. If it is not possible you can always go to the artisans in your area and get one ordered to suit your taste. To enhance the look further you can use lights behind them to highlight the colors in the glass. Make your walls a focal point of your decor by using decorative screens. There are semi-foldable screens available in the market which add ambiance to your walls.

Kids bedroom mural

Try using your collection of pictures, be it snaps of you and your family or it can even be your stamp book. Making a collage of these and using them on your walls will add a beautiful color to them. Windows and doors collected from old fashioned or ancient buildings form an apt match to your walls making them enchanting and appealing to the eye. If you have decorative fabrics then do not hesitate to cover your walls with them. This will be truly innovative and form a good blend for your walls. Try hanging them from rods or hooks on the wall for a fashionable grandeur. If you have an old map collection then these too can be used on your walls. No matter what material or type of style you use the ultimate result should be appealing and enchanting.

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