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10 Unique Drinks to Prepare In Your Home Bar



If you have a bar in your house (like me) for sure it is because you enjoy being the host of meetings between your friends. But a home bar should be something more than decoration, for that; if you are going through that problem where you do not know what to prepare for the next meeting, here are some tips.

It is important that you keep the bar stocked, but before making a major expenditure only on liquor; read the article calmly, here also we will give you very important tips to keep the bar always stocked.


The first thing you need to prepare and in what you really should invest a good part of your budget are the utensils. It is true that you will have a bar and the main thing will be the drinks, however; the magic of preparing the drink with class and in a “professional way” is what makes the drinks taste better.

Keep in mind that people study this as a profession and constantly are appearing new drinks, new delicious combinations.


Become a Bartender with Decorating Visita Casas


For that reason, to achieve the same effect even in a minimal measure, you must acquire some elements, here we tell you:

• Muddler:

It is very necessary to be able to process the fruits; remember that many drinks carry fruits and to be able to extract the largest amount of pulp you will need one of these.

• Strainer:

Of course, the other part of dealing with fruits is the strainer; you need to avoid the large pieces of fruit pulp in the cocktails and especially the seeds.

• Jiggers:

Indispensable to measure the amounts of liquid we will be using when preparing the drinks.

• Blender:

Another very important element that will guarantee that we will make good drinks for all tastes.

• Shakers:

You can not say you have a real bar at home if you do not have at least one Shaker. If you do not really have one, then improvise using a cup of metal and a glass. Make your own Boston Shaker.


Although these utensils are not all that you will need, at least you can prepare a lot of drinks using them as tools; but first, let’s review the diversity of glassware that you should also have at your disposal.

• Shot glasses – these are the glasses that are used for a single shot of a liquor.

• Highball glasses – these are the glasses that can hold liquid of up to 16 ounces. These glasses are used to drink sodas or other drinks that are mixed.

• Double old fashioned – these are the glasses that can hold up to 12 ounces of liquor used to serve mixed drinks.

• Brandy snifters – these are large bowls that are used in savoring cognac or brandy.

• Beer mugs or the Pilsner glasses – these are the glasses that you can use for serving beers in large amounts.

• Martini glasses – these glasses have wide rims with stems that you can use for your martini or other cocktail servings. You can also prepare margarita glasses used to serve margaritas or other drinks that are blended.

• Mugs and heat-safe glasses – these are also advisable in case you will have visitors who would like to have a cup of coffee.

Stop Talking About Utensils, Let’s Talk About Cocktails

We get to the part that everyone wants to know.

What drinks to Prepare?

As always at home, you should have a reservation of what you like to enjoy in your moments of relaxation. However, if you have managed to stock your bar with the aforementioned implements, do not worry about the liquor, do you know why?


Because people will give it to you, you will not need to buy liquor if you have a bar at home

When you go to make a meeting, you should ask the people who will go if they want to take something in particular; then simply ask them to bring the liquor and you prepare the cocktails. Although most of the time you will not even have to ask to bring the liquor to your house.

Your guests, knowing that you have a bar and that you prepare drinks; they will give to you what they want to drink. The good thing is that the surplus bottles will always stay in your house and you can prepare more drinks another day.

As a general rule, the liquors you should always have are:

• Flavorless Vodka
• White rum
• White Tequila
• Geneva
• Whiskey

However, the aforementioned liquors are nothing more than the basic ones; the real bar begins to take shape when you add the following:

• Peach liqueur
• Orange liqueur (white and blue)
• Grenadine syrup

With these elements you can make colorful cocktails and you will also be able to change the density according to the preference of each of your guests or yours.

If you had to choose one of the three, I recommend you to buy the orange liqueur, it is the most versatile of them all.

The Most Popular Cocktails at Home

I can not tell you what to prepare specifically in your home, however, I can tell you the most popular in mine. I am going to give you the exact measurements of each of these three cocktails and the procedure to prepare them.

WARNING! they are very popular with women, so you could book them for a meeting with several friends.

A final tip before you begin: always practice and always be ready to listen to criticism. Remember that preparing simple drinks, or complex cocktails is really an art; not anyone can master the techniques overnight.

So without further ado, let’s start with the top three cocktails in my house.


• 1 ½ oz of Vodka
• ½ oz Cointreau
• ½ cl. Lemon juice
• 1 oz of blueberry juice

This drink should be prepared in your Martini glasses. The first thing is to put a good amount of ice in the glass to create an atmosphere inside. Then you must pour (in the same order as above) each of the elements inside the shaker.

Once all the liquid has been presented, do not forget to add two ice spatulas and shake it!

It is very important to shake vigorously, you should not invest 15 minutes shaking, but you should do it with force. For this reason, improvised shakers with glass jars are not recommended; they may be sealed, but they are not a good alternative for mixing drinks.

Finally, remove the ice from your Martini glass and serve the drink.



• 1/3 vodka
• 1 tablespoons of peach jam
• Tabasco sauce
• Lemon juice
• 7 basil leaves
• Blueberry Juice

That’s right, blueberry juice is one of my favorites at home for my drinks. You should add the spoonful of jam in one of the Highball glasses, then the basil leaves and finally the lemon juice. Here you must use the muddler to correctly integrate the flavors in the base of the drink before pouring ice to the top.

Once the glass is full of ice, it is time to put a few drops of tabasco sauce, do not be shy at this point. I personally use guarana vodka, because it gives me the flavor that I like to mix with the blueberry juice.

In any case, it is your part to use the flavorless vodka or even the orange liqueur; remember that these are the popular drinks at Decorating Visita Casas.

Mojito Cubano

We come to one of the most traditional and popular of all the bars. For Cuban Mojito you will need:

• 1 ½ oz. Of ground rum
• 8 small pieces of lemon
• 7 branches of spearmint
• 2 small tablespoons of sugar
• Schweppes Soda Water

Again we will use a tall glass and the first element of the base will be the lemon. It is necessary to chop the very small pieces, then we add the branches of spearmint and then the sugar. Once again go to the muddler to produce a compact mix of these three elements before adding ice to the top.

Add the rum and then the soda. It is one of the strongest drinks I prepare when we meet at home several friends, but it is one of the simplest.

Final Tips

Remember that there are many elements that will be of great help but that we have not mentioned here because they are not really indispensable. However, you should buy a teaspoon shaker, nozzles that help you dispense more easily the liquor from the bottles and of course; straws.


But of all the “secondary” elements that you could ask your friends, the most important of all and that can never be missing is: ICE.

95% of the cocktails you can prepare, carry ice. So always buy enough; It does not matter much what type of ice you buy, but do not miss it at home when you go to prepare drinks.


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