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Tips and Tricks to your own Wet Bar


Having a wet bar at your home is a means to a revolutionary dining experience packed with entertainment to you and your visitors as you now have access to your foods and drinks just as you are also enabled to clean up once you feel like doing so through the incorporated sink with running water.

A typical basement wet bar is comprised of a bar top, storage areas, seating, and other fixtures for display. Now, as you combine these, along with, say, a refrigerator, and other useful kitchen equipments to be able to prepare drinks and food, you will certainly be amazed at how multi-functional and convenient your wet bar can be. This will also delight your guests as they will now get to experience dining and drinking in a fabulous way.

Circular wet bar

Now for the bar top, you may use stone, wood, tile, or any material that is being utilized for countertops. It is oftentimes shaped like an “L,” in a straight figure, or semi-circular. Also, as you are planning for its size, do consider that it doesn’t take much room, but will still be making space for placing drinks, seating, and other forms of entertainment. Having a sink or fountain may also suit your liking, and moreover can serve as your seating too. Next, for the seating, you may want it to be in a particular style. Some suggestions include swiveling, moving, and even those that have footrests with them. Would you want chairs that are in the form of bar stools, bar chairs, or a simple stool? It’s all up to you.

As for the displays, take into consideration where you want your serving ware to be stored. They may be placed under or at the back of the bar. You may also put picture frames, a mirror, and other signs too. With regards your storage facilities (mini refrigerator, wine cooler, small dishwasher, etc.), try to think about how much storing space you might need. Most likely, children’s beverages and other handy drinks can be placed in the mini containers, while those that need larger facilities can be placed in a separate larger area.

Simple wet Bar

Furthermore, if you desire applying a certain theme for your wet bar, also plan ahead, imagining what materials are to be used and even researching for sample themes. For instance, if you want to have a wet bar that portrays the 1950s, try adding a rootbeer fountain, a storage area for ice cream and other delights, black and white checkered stools topped with countertops made of stainless steel. For a classic look, try combining soft colors and delicate pieces, along with your own China tea set, and glass ornaments. Meanwhile, if you like to go contemporary, you would want to have bold and bright-colored fixtures. Nevertheless, whatever style your wet bar might be, as you combine those elements together with your own ‘brand’ of style, it will be definitely be in the groove.

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