Buying My Own Leg Lamp

Anyone who had the opportunity to watch “A Christmas Story” will know what a leg lamp is. In the flick, one of the characters receives a package containing his supposedly “big award.” He opens the package to find a leg lamp. The character flaunts his new leg lamp by placing it in the front window of the house. The mother of the story’s main character is not pleased. To those who have not seen the movie, leg lamp is a lamp whose form is provocatively shaped like a woman’s leg.

A red leg lamp

I have been yearning for a leg lamp for homes for quite awhile. It all began when I read the book which “A Christmas Story” was based from. When I finally saw the real thing on screen, I could no longer resist. Thus, my search for my very own leg lamps for homes began.

I looked and searched around several stores for a leg lamp. I was surprised to find that some leg lamps even offer a custom shoe option. I looked at my options and I finally decided to buy leg lamps for homes from a store which donates a portion of profit to the Christmas Story house. Well, the charity was not my main reason. The lamps there were the cheapest ones around and the store gave freebies too.

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