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5 Table Lamps Decor Tips You Can Try Today

Table Lamps


There is no bedsides tables that are not combined with a couple of table lamps, which is probably one of the most important accessories in a room.

That’s why; knowing which type of table lamps to choose, is very important when you are decorating.

But it is also important to know that sometimes, table lamps can be placed in locations difficult to see, but this is because they vary in size and are perfect to condition them into the spaces we want.

Dark spots can be filled with style using different models of table lamps. You can choose from a stylish and sophisticated one, to a minimalist or rustic one; you can also do it yourself!

But what is really important about this table accessory; is its high functionality and how easily can be set up in your bedroom.

Without Paying Extra on Electricity Bill

Table Lamps

Due to their size; table lamps would also be very helpful on reducing costs from your electricity bills.

Especially if your home is your own office, hence a reduction on costs is always welcomed. Table lamps will give you enough light in your office without costing as much as a ceiling lamp or a set of light bulbs around the room.

Since these lamps are pretty small the best way to save money using them is to combine them with energy saving light bulbs.

That’d mean extra money with each monthly electricity bill. Also, as these lamps where made to be placed on strategic spots; you could consider investing a bit of money on this kind of illumination.

Adding style to your house

Table lamps might be placed in places that are hard to see. Aside from illuminating a room, they add a nice look to the place because they improve not only lightning conditions; but the beautiful aspects of the area you are lightening with it.

Besides; this allows you to create a dynamic and different environment on each room of the house. It is important to have defined what kind of style you are aiming at before starting to pick up the sort of decoration you want to use.

Since having a plan on hand will help you set up a list of possibilities that will help your selecting process while buying furniture.

When furniture shopping time comes, remember that table lamps are one of the first things that you should pick up, and the reason is quite simple; you have to limit space based on lightning conditions, which means they have “priority” on “spot locations” when deciding how to fix your furniture inside a room.

There are different shapes, colors, and sizes. You just need to choose a style that reflects who you are. Remember that decorating the house is not only to make it look better, but to show who you are through your likes.

Help with decoration on other rooms

Table lamps would also be useful if you have extra rooms like attics, sewing rooms, and even in garages and basements. You can use small lamps for these places.

Since space is quite reduced in these rooms, the most probable thing is that you don’t need to lighten the whole place up but the area where you need to work such as a working table. These kinds of lamps are ideal for such tasks since they not only lighten up enough for you to work but also save energy.

The special thing about these kinds of lamps is how they enhance your possibilities. Imagine an office with just two pieces of furniture say coaches, a desk and a computer. If the room is lacking space and it’s quite tightly organized already, your only option to make it brighter would be a table lamp as mentioned before

As mentioned before; there is a great field of options regarding lamps, which you could take your time and pick from depending on your personality. The important thing is that you feel comfortable with your choices.

Regarding different styles of lamps you have:

Elegant Desk Lamp

This kind of lamp will help you keep a sophisticated style for the place it’s destined to light up. Table lamps enhance the look of your house. This is something that you can be proud of, because table lamps contribute to style, fashion and ambience for your house.

You can choose between a medium sized or big one to decorate your desk; since it will not only provide light but also draw all the attention of the room.

Minimalistic Lamp

These kinds of lamps are for those who’d rather choose a clean and simple style. These lamps are made of different materials, but the most wanted ones are made of heating proof plastic that’s also tough enough to resist falls.

A monochromatic style is the style that usually decorates these kinds of lamps. In fact; people choose them because they come decorated with a plain color. They are perfect to be combined with any vibrant space in which you want lightning to be unnoted.

LED Table Lamps

Yes! It sounds weird, but truth is that this is a tendency that is being picked by more and more people. These lamps are the solution for smart energy consumption and they come in different shapes and sizes. Besides; their durability is ways longer than common lamps. Also; you might save around 80% of energy and if you are an environmental friendly person these lamps are for you. They definitely do not harm the environment and do not contain any sort of mercury.

For these lamps common white light bulbs are recommended, since these are destined for sight rest and are designed for medium intensity. In this way; the lamp will provide just enough light for a room where some activities do not require a lot of light such as reading.

Before taking any rushed decision; it is important that you study the possibilities that you have on hand at the moment of choosing a lamp. This way you would know right before hand which one to choose.

There are many people that prefer to but from their house comfort, but it is recommended to visit physical stores since in those you will find a wide selection of items. You would be able to test the lamp and see how its lightning is spread or how it adapts to different spaces.

Ask the person in charge to show you a catalog or show you the most recommended ones for the sort of rooms you desire to lighten up. Choosing any sort of accessory to decorate your house is important, it does not matter how small it is. The important thing at the moment of choosing what to buy resides on:

  • Is it actually useful?
  • Where are you going to place it?
  • Energy consumption. How much will it cost me?
  • Does this style reflect who I am?

As long as you keep these things questions in sight, you could find sooner than you expected that desired lamp. Even though; they are placed on places where they are hard to spot; they are so important as any other sort of furniture of the house that gives personality to it.

Things to remember when you are using table lamps for decorating

The study or reading lamp is a more discreet type of table lamp. It is usually more of a task-oriented lamp than a decorative lamp. It is smaller in size which makes it a lot easier to place in work tables or any reading surfaces. The base is designed to be light and thin while the bulb offers just the right illumination that your eyes need for working on fine tasks. Some study lamps are made with extendable, bendable arms that allow the user to precisely direct the light to the point where it is needed. This makes the functionality of the lamp all the more impressive; allowing it to be used in any kind and size of space.

Desk lamp
Always remember that when you are using table lamps for decorating, the most important consideration is positioning. Where you place the lamp affects both its aesthetic and functional capabilities. And, don’t force yourself to make the most out of only one lamp. Use as many lamps as necessary. Using several lamps is actually a necessity when the functional part is used by more than just a single person. For task-related lighting, one lamp should be used by each of the individuals doing the task. The lighting that a variety of lamps provide also makes for a creative look for the entire room. Different combinations of lights can either make the room more cozy and subdued or they can make the room a lot livelier and engaging.

Using Table Lamps for Decoration

Table lamps are very useful for decorating rooms. They are very versatile and they can be made to fit into any room design or theme; due in part to the huge variety of table lamps available in stores. Table lamps are also very compliments for the furniture that you already have. They can be used as great accents for aesthetic effects and don’t forget that they still do provide creative lighting, and warmth to your rooms. To be able to maximize the use of table lamps for decorating your home, you should take note of the different types of table lamps that you can use. However, since the actual number of table lamp types is enormous, we will start by discussing just the most common types that are used.

Table lamp
The conventional table lamp is by far the most popular type of table lamp. It is characterized by a beautiful, attractive base that holds most of the lamp’s artistic effect. This base is where the bulb and the shade are attached to. The shade is typically made of light or transparent material to allow more of the light to pass through. Because of this characteristic, these table lamps offer the best balance between decorative value and practical lighting functions.

Table lamps inside your home

Table lamps are lighting designs inside homes that been practiced ever since the old times. There are many home owners nowadays that do not want this kind of decoration inside their home. They are more into chandeliers, track lighting, and dimmer switches.

Modern table lamp
Table lamps inside your home would be a great decoration because they artistically complement the other furniture inside your home, and they create the right balance inside your home and in rooms. There are some people who do not appreciate table lamps, even though they are oblivious to the fact that table lamps have many uses because they are more than just light fixtures.

1) You may use the table lamp as a bedside lamp where it would be easy for you to turn it on and off, especially for your kid’s room. Many little kids are afraid of the dark, and a table lamp inside the room will be very helpful, as they don’t have that much time to reach for the light switch on the walls, nor do they have that much time to get up to do so.

Elegant desk lamp
2) If you want a harmonious theme in your living room, you could use two table lamps of same style because it would look adorable and the whole living room will glow. You can spend your leisure time in this place with this good source of lighting, and you may want to read magazines, play games, watch television, and all kinds of family activities.

Best Desk Lamps for your home

In the past, the only light that is available are from candle light or alcohol-lighted lamps. As the years went by, so does the evolution of things. Technology came about and a given kind of light. Lights that were run by electricity was introduced, then the different kind of lighting came; from chandeliers, bulbs to lamps. The lamps that before were alcohol-lit was now run by electricity and aside from that, they began to be produced in various designs.

Desk lamp
Desk lamps are barely noticed by people whenever they are placed. These lamps simply for most people just devices used to shed light. They are usually seen on reception areas and office spaces, even study tables for students. There are some used in different 5 star hotels or offices that are used by billionaires, but most of them are overlooked.


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