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Anyone who has had a chance to watch “A Christmas Story” will know what a leg lamp is. In the film, one of the characters receives a package containing his supposedly “grand prize”. And when he opens the package, he finds his wonderful leg lamp.

The character flaunts his new leg lamp and between joy mixed with a little confusion; decides to place his new lamp in the ideal place to be able to always admire it. For those who have not seen the film, a leg lamp is not just any ordinary leg; it is a provocative woman’s leg with high pantyhose and a high heel. So you can imagine how bizarre it is.

Decorating with a leg lamp, really?

[one_half_first]Well, ever since I saw that scene, I’ve been yearning for a leg lamp to decorate the house; it all started, in fact, when I read the book “A Christmas Story” on which the film is based. But when I finally saw the real thing on the screen, I could no longer resist. Thus, the search for my own leg lamp for the house began; and I must say that what I found was wonderful.[/one_half_first][one_half_last]


Decorating with Creativity, the Heart and … A Leg

When I think of what the decor has become for me, I am surprised for two reasons.

1) It is a business that pays very well

2) It’s what I always wanted to do

Many times I talk to my inner girl and she sometimes asks me:

“Do we still play to decorate the house?”

To which I answer

“yes, we even get paid for it”

My first experience with the decor was with a doll house; a real big doll house. Being able to build stories through the little furniture was so wonderful to me; that I decided to make that my profession.

I know that I am fortunate because very few people can look at their inner child and say the same thing. However, I can; and it’s all because I’ve never stopped dreaming and imagining.

For this reason, decorating with a leg lamp never seemed impossible; crazy?, yes, but never impossible.

I understood from a very young age that when we decorate; we must let our imagination fly and do it with all our passion and love.

Then why could not I include a leg lamp?

The truth about interior decoration

Decorating is a way of transmiting our character, a way of externalizing them through objects. The things we like, that define us; even our dreams.

All this we put it on one form or another in the objects that we choose, it is there in our clothes, our furniture and; of course, the lamps.

It was much later that the interior decorations began to be labeled according to their style, era and set of elements. I, in my eagerness to justify myself a decoration as “crazy” as my leg lamp; I wanted to find a reasonable concept for the decoration I had in mind.

It was then that I discovered the decorations inspired by cult films or simply iconic films, I realized then that; if they sell the costume of Princess Leila (you know what suit I’m talking about)

Why should I not have my leg lamp?

The decorations based on Tarantino films exist, are real and are beautiful. But if it does not seem enough, then I must also tell you that many offices (many); are decorated with the vision of the scenery of “The Wolf of the Wall Street”

So after convincing myself; I looked around and looked around several stores for a leg lamp. I was surprised to find that some leg lamps even offer a custom shoe option; do you like converse? I have a lamp with one on.

I looked at my options and finally decided to buy a classic leg lamp; that is, an exact replica of the one that appears in the movie (they sell it inside the same box).

And to buy it, made me feel very good for another reason totally foreign to the decoration too; the store donated part of its income to charity.

It was a wonderful and beautiful Win-Win.

Integrating the lamp into the decoration

Maybe you do not believe me, but once I had my lamp; I found myself in a very cumbersome situation “where do I put it?” I thought. After doing a bit of disaster in the garage when I was opening the box (I insist, it is the same box of the film); I had to decide where to put it.

In the decoration it is necessary  a balance between the elements, the orientation of the lighting is important; as well as caring for the volumes of the decorative pieces.

My lamp was a leg … where could I put it?

Doubt invaded me for two days, but then I talked to my inner girl and I remembered that I had to decorate with creativity and with my heart

Do you know how I knew? For my inner girl asked me:

“Where did the man who gave it to the film put it?”

And from that moment, my lamp is right in that place where the energetic man decided to place his lamp; it is the perfect element, fits perfectly with the rest of the decoration!

For if I evaluate it with an insensitive eye, impartial and foreign to the cinematographic reference; the answer is no. But I assure you something: it highlights, you can’t ignore it once you see it.

And a few are aware of why it is in front of that window precisely; but I know why I put it there. It is something that defines a stage of my life, something that I like and one of my achievements.

So when you want to think about a lot of theory about how to decorate, follow this advice:

Listen to your heart

Leg lamps everywhere!

I told you recently that I was marveled with what I found when I went out in search of my leg lamp; but I did not tell you why.

It turns out that my wild idea was not just mine; when I went to get my lamp I could see that more than one person is as crazy as I am, or at least they likes the same crazy things.

The leg lamp is in presentations not only with different shoes, but it exists in many sizes!

Leg lamps for tables next to the bed, even smaller versions and even; the one I like the most: Christmas lights shaped like leg lamps!

In addition to bracelets, woven sweaters, earrings, and many other things; I could see and realize something: the magic of decoration goes beyond the interior or exterior of the houses. The decoration is soul, music, no one imagines talking to himself on a white background.

We all have a decorator inside, only we do not train or specialize in that aspect; but I can assure you that we are all designers.

We design dreams, beautiful and not so beautiful, but in the end everyone is born with imagination; so if you want to decorate with something, strange as it may seem, do it!

I assure you that when you go out on the street to check if there is any place where you can buy something like this; you will be surprised!

And, if you really do not find it, then make it yourself, and whoever takes the surprise is the world!


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