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Alluring Design of the Red Lava Lamps


There are many different decorative items that are made available to the public. Some are good and some are not, but of course, this is according to your perspective and taste. Well, the aim of this article is to introduce to you one great decorative concept, which is called the red lava lamp.

Perhaps many of you have already seen the red lava lamp. Its appearance is quite stunning and alluring. This lamp has red “lava” floating in a container of clear liquid. Indeed, it is a fascinating piece of home décor and many people are rooting for it to be displayed in their homes or bedrooms. It isn’t that expensive and it isn’t that cheap either. In other words, this kind of lamp is very average in price.

Some people wonder how a red lava lamp functions the way it does. Well, the answer is pretty simple since it works based on a scientific concept. First, its red wax and clear liquid actually have the same density. Because of this, the two do not mix. When the red wax is heated, it will rise but once it cools down, the red wax will fall back down again. This movement within the red lava lamp makes people stop and stare at it. If you want people to do that at your home, then it’s time you bought yourself a lava lamp.

Red lava lamps are usually associated to music such as pop, rock and roll in terms of design concept. Some clubs possess this lava lamp as part of their decor in order to let the customers feel a good aura in the place. The effect of this lava lamp is not only applicable to adults but to kids as well. The aluminum top of the red lava lamp is quite retro but it doesn’t fail to give a relaxing aura. Some red lamps usually stand 16 inches tall while its usual weight is around 6 pounds. What is good about this lamp is that it lasts for a long time. Even if it ages 40 years, it will still have its soothing and mood-altering effect to the one who will look at it, as it did before. It will not lose its soothing, mood-altering touch.

On the other hand, some say that the wax can actually lose its vigor. Well, that will be a big disappointment to the user since it will be of no use at all in that case. Also, some are claiming that the lights of these lamps do not turn on after a period of time and this will only lead to having to buy replacements. Still, there are those who counter these claims, saying that lava lamps are quite durable despite the passage of time.

This interesting kind of lamp can be a great gift to the ones you like or love. These lamps are great investments because they not only give the purpose of giving light, but also add attractiveness and beauty to your room. Also, it isn’t that too expensive so you can readily afford it. Moreover, red lava lamps are becoming increasingly popular with its nostalgic effect. Good luck in looking for the best red lava lamp!

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  1. Love those “original shaped lava lamps”. They have a somewhat psychedelic look in them. This would go well on retro-themed interiors. Nice post by the way.

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