Do-It-Yourself: Tile mosaic

Have some fun and make beautiful creations for your home or for your special loved ones. If you have experience in working with ceramic tiles, you already know what mosaic madness can do. Waiting to get started for the colorful project would be the hardest part. On the other hand, if you are new in this craft, you should not be afraid though it is a little bit hard for first timers, just be excited instead. Prepare yourself to discover the ease and beauty of mosaic tiling.

Marble mosaic

Seek for the tiling grout where you find other supplies, such as stencils and a scraper or chopstick. Basically, the technique is the same as what you are doing in a large or small project:
1. To start, clean surface and spread the grout. Apply the ceramic tiles and outline them using your scrapper. Tremendously, stencils help when it comes to applying tiles in a particular pattern.
2. Attach your stencil to the project using your tape and draw an outline of the design onto the piece.
3. Remove your stencils. Begin filling in each area with the selected shapes and colors. It is not a big deal if you place one wrong, just remove it, spread the grout back into place and insert the next tile. Do this until the time that the grout begins to harden.
4. Lastly, move to outside of the stenciled areas after filling the drawn places, filling with grout and tile, small sections at a time.