How to dry and display wildflowers

Using an airtight (preferably plastic) container spread a layer of silica gel at the bottom. The size of the container will depend on the number of flowers you’re going to dry. Just use multiple containers if you’re going to dry a lot of flowers. Shape the gel into mounds. The gel will hold the stems. Place some silica gel on the petals as well. You might need to practice on this part especially if you have shaky hands. You don’t want to destroy the petals. Typical waiting will last about 3-5 days. In the same way that you’re careful with the placing of the silica gel, be twice as cautious when removing it. You can dry flowers using floral sprays or satin acrylic spray to ward of the negative effects of moisture on your flowers.

Drying wildflowers technique

Another method is to air-dry the flowers. Keep a longer portion of the stems when cutting from the plant so you would be able to hang them. Choose a dark area because direct sunlight will wither the flowers. For smaller buds and leaves, you may use food dehydrators.
A card with preserved wildflowers

Once your flowers have dried, you can choose from a wide range of containers to put them on display. Choose from vases, frames, paste them on boxes and present them as gifts. Flowers, even when dried, can be arranged. Your arrangement could be depending on the petal shapes or the color of the flower. Just like all the methods of decorating, you can experiment to your heart’s content. To get best results, just follow these easy steps on how to preserve wildflowers.


dry and display wildflowers

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