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DIY Ideas for Home Marble Tile Mosaics


Marble is known for its elegance as seen in various offices, public buildings and even homes. It exudes a feeling of security when it is incorporated into a structure, due to its inherent hardness. To use it at home for marble tile mosaics is a good idea to help remodel your house, in small or big ways.

Lay marble mosaic tiles in areas such as the patio, swimming pool, wine cellar, bathroom, dining room, deck, fireplace and kitchen. In the bathroom, marble tile mosaics can be applied to the commode tank lid, the mirror frame, sinks, walls, and shower floors. Kitchen countertops, table tops and backsplashes can also be decorated with this technique. Apply marble tile mosaics to showcase the family initial at the foot of your door or put marble tile mosaics over a part of the threshold on the inside of your home.

Marble mosaic

Before incorporating marble tile mosaics on a large or small scale with a specific pattern in mind, use chalk or color pencils to mark the design onto the floor or small item while coloring the necessary areas. Use this as a sort of guide while mounting the marble tiles. Designs can range from the simple stripes and shapes (e.g. hearts, diamonds, circles, squares) to whole pictures, flowers, animals and sea creatures. For the less gifted with drawing, you can make use of stencils to put down the design you want to mosaic.

There are many small projects you can apply mosaic marble tiles to. Vases can be decorate with tiles in different patterns the same way as stone benches can. For great table and living room lamps, use mosaic marble tiles to add designs to their bases. Picture frames can be decorated with tiles as long as they match the other colors in the room they are placed in. A big plate that has a marble tile mosaic will make a great centerpiece for a table.

Green marble mosaic tile

For a unique container, take a sturdy plastic bottle with a wide mouth and apply marble tile mosaic designs on it. Tile a platter with a marble mosaic and set it down on the center table in the living room to hold the TV remote control and magazines. Cabinet doors can be tiled for a quaint, whimsical effect. Your bed’s headboard or footboard can also be tiled with a mosaic design. Tile the exterior of your book shelf or even the frame of your closet door. Outside, set up two potted plants that have been placed in plastic pots that have been tiled with marble mosaic. Take your imagination higher and find other things to decorate with marble tile mosaics!

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