How to create a shadow box?

If you want to feature a graduation for a gift, you can make use of a graduation cap, or a paper designed to look like a diploma as decorations or have lei as a decorative. Wrap the box around with a gift wrapper that says congratulations. You can also place your favorite collector’s item toy car in a shadow box or have every car you collected placed in a shadow box and place it side by side in your room to make it as a decorative. This is a good way to preserve your toy cars in case you do not want it to be damaged.

Shadow box

You can actually place almost anything on a shadow box for you to preserve cherished collections. You can make use of an old drawer for your shadow box, or cardboard boxes for the shadow box frames. You can design your background with paint, fabric or even a foam core or print out designs may also be used.There are a lot of things that you can use to make your very own shadow box. You may even use scraps and turn it into something spectacular. All you need to have is the artistry to put things together to make each design go with the theme to make it look just perfect.

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