Perfect Shadow Box for any Theme

A shadow box is a perfect décor that you can place in your room and it just the best way you can feature your precious collections. This can also become a perfect gift that you can give your friends or your family. A shadow box can be used to create anything. As for the materials, you can just use just anything to personalize it. You can make use of seashells, old coins, photographs, or even you baby’s first clothes can be placed on a shadow box. There are a numerous themes that you can use for your shadow box.

Shadow box

There could be a lot of decorations, memorable souvenirs from a friends wedding, a picture of you and your best friend or other special items that are left lying around the house with no specific place where you can cherish them. Thus a shadow box is a perfect place where you can place the precious memoirs.
Sportive shadow box

In creating a shadow box, the first thing that you can do is plan out a theme for your design. If you want to feature a picture of a summer escapade, a Hawaiian theme may suit your shadow box. You can collect seashells, or paint it with bright summer colors or anything that you can associate with summer is best used to decorate your shadow box and you can give it to your friend who is with you on the picture or you can place it as a decoration in your room.


shadow box

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