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Learn to set important furniture in the room properly

Keep the plants at a safe distance from regularly used furniture such as chairs and tables. These plants give tranquility because it calms our eyes from urban bustle, not because we actually stick onto them! Also keep the plants at a distance where it won’t block passageways across the room. If the plant is big enough, then you might want to stick it into the corner of a room, do not use plants that cannot fit into the room that you intend to put them to. Remember, you have to blend with nature, and you cannot actually blend with nature if your plants end up getting hurt or deformed in any way.

Restored antique furnitures

Set important furniture in the room properly. It is recommended that you use a large table for a garden room. This is because it can help you in working with the plants when you check their condition, or just trim them of their excess stalks. Seats should also match the general ambience of the room, which could either be made of different kinds of wood, and must also be as comfortable as any other seat in your house. Never put modern equipment and furniture in your garden, as it just distorts the general theme and are eye sores in for your garden room.

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