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Learn to Set Important Furniture in the Room Properly



When decorating any room in the home, it is important to take into account some elements to know how far we must place them from the accessories. Harmony must play a very important role. That is why it is necessary to create an environment with organizational concepts; which must be established before starting with the decoration using furniture as a starting point.

Each piece plays a key role. That is why you should make the most of it. Set important furniture in the room properly goes beyond just creating a comfortable space. It is about finding the basis of the decoration and continues from there. Here at Decorating Visita Casas, we will teach you the basic principles that you must follow to achieve a harmonious space in each place of your home.

How to accommodate the furniture of the house?

[one_half_first]The first thing to keep in mind is that the style forms a fundamental part of this decision, and will affect the way in which it is decided to accommodate the furniture. In addition, it is also necessary to know the activities that will be carried out inside the room as well as other key points, such as doors and windows, before planning the distribution. Many times it happens that we place furniture very close to the entrances, and end up being an obstacle and we end up getting rid of them and we break with the harmony of the place.[/one_half_first][one_half_last][/one_half_last]

Location, location, location

The location is a very important factor when it comes to knowing how to place the furniture correctly in any room. Since the circulation should be totally comfortable for anyone.

The same will depend on the size and size of a piece of furniture. For example, Ottomans are perfect for any space, as they are of any size and dimension; they are also perfect for storing.

In the case of the ottoman, in addition to adapting to any space, they are perfect in terms of utility. That’s why you should look for furniture that is dynamic, not only for space but also for storage.

Keep in mind that less is more, and this applies also for decoration.

Always go from highest to lowest

It is important that you know before decorating, what you need, and do not get carried away for what you want. Accommodating the furniture of the house, should always be made from major to less importance.

For example, in the case of the room, first decide where and in which direction you are going to place the sofa, then the coffee table, and finally the accessories. Keep in mind that these last items of decoration should be easily accessible.

In the case of the kitchen, opt for a fridge-stove-sink organization. This way you can have everything within reach and save space.

The correct location of the furniture of the house, helps you to avoid not only bad distribution, but you will make cleaning easier and thus aesthetics will look better, and the corner will not be forced.

The Feng Shui Effect

In the universe of Feng Shui is important both matter and energy, which although we cannot see it many times, can change our life.

The same thing happens when applying to furniture or decorating a room. According to this philosophy, it is necessary that the space has a light and freely circulating environment; in this way energy is transformed into the home.

That is why; there is furniture or accessories that we must pay attention to the time to accommodate them in our home.

  • Mirrors: if you want placing the mirrors inside the rooms or in wide walls, let me tell you first that it’s not recommended. First because they divert and redirect the energies, if they are in a room you will not be able to have a full rest.
  • Lamps: many times we see a corner and we automatically think of a plant, however, the best option is to choose a lamp. Every space in the home must be fully illuminated for the energies to flow.

You do not need major renovations

Forget getting rid of your old furniture, and spend money on expensive, custom-made furniture. It does not sound bad, but if your budget is tight, do not worry, the truth is that you do not need major renovations.

I recommend that the first thing you do take a piece of paper and divide the spaces of your house. If you have the plan the room it’s much better. Just draw some pictures of the furniture so you know how to distribute them.

Main entrance

When it is time to decorate the main entrance you must take into account that this site should always be clean and clear. That is why you should not choose a lot of furniture for her.

A couple of plants and maybe a few light bulbs is enough. Leave the wooden furniture for the garden and opt for an entrance without them.

The main room

The most important furniture in the room is the bed, then the bedside tables, and finally the closet. However, too many people want to have a vanity; that is why you should choose one that is just the right size so that the room does not look overloaded.

Remember, the room should be a place of rest, the fewer things you have better.

The kitchen

In order for the kitchen to be seen with a better organization, we recommend separating the elements, in the oven and stove on one side and the refrigerator and sink in another corner.

You should always leave room for a working inn and especially take advantage of the height of the walls for storage.

Try that each accessory has its space, and the dishes are in place; so you avoid the mess and you can keep the kitchen clean for much longer.


Although the most important elements of the bathroom cannot be modified (toilet, shower, washbasin) unless you do a total remodeling; it is important accessories that complement them.

For example, the glass doors of the shower. As well as the metal bins to avoid the accumulation of odors.

A mirror that is also a store is a good idea to keep all those necessary things in the bathroom.

This place is also ideal, to play with the height of the wall, opts for shelves for storage.

Dining room

An essential part in the house; Here you only need a dining table large enough for your family and a few guests.

I recommend that you decide for a rectangular table so you can add more chairs in the meetings; However, if your space is summarized, then opt for a round table, but always buy at least two extra chairs.

If space allows, buy a counter to place food trays that do not fit on the table. Thus, you can also use it as storage space.

These small but useful tips will help you optimize the space in your home, making it more comfortable and dynamic.

You really do not need to make a big expense to implement this, if you need to get rid of furniture, you can organize a garage sale or post them on any page of buying and selling products to earn extra money and also gain space.


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