Making Vibrant Rental Apartments without Painting

Rental apartments are very common in the industrial modern world. They are relatively cheaper than buying a house, are much easier to find than permanent residences, are commonly built around major commercial and business centers such as shopping malls and grocery stores, and are sometimes even conveniently built near you own work place. Even if it not really a permanent home, it is not really a taboo to decorate them at your own preference, but of course your landlord might still forbid you to do certain decorations, like doing paint jobs on your apartment’s walls.

Bathroom decor

Putting landlords and apartment rules aside, you are now stuck with a really bland and flavorless wall, and you aren’t even allowed to do paint jobs on them. So, what to do? Is there really no hope of bringing life into your apartment’s walls? Not quite. Walls aren’t just limited to paint jobs in order for them to get the fine finish that would suit a particular theme that would add color and beauty to a lifeless room. There other alternatives in which you can decorate the walls of your boring apartment without ever applying paint on them.
Romantic bedroom design

Paintings and other stuff that are hanged to walls such as posters and other artwork can be one easy alternative to adding life to your apartment without ever painting your walls. By hanging artwork onto the walls you are able to add that artistic touch that your apartment walls can’t do. Posters and artworks can even be of modern themes, you can even slap in posters of your children’s favorite characters. Frames for such artwork are usually cheaply available nowadays, and for those functional types, a ready made frame fits perfectly for you.