Tips on Painting a Room near Perfection

Painting a room is never that hard and costly. It is the most cost effective way of giving your room a new look. However, if you are a starter, how can you paint a room well? Here are some few tips for you to start off with painting your room. It would only require of you a little planning, patience and the willingness to do it yourself.

Green painted bedroom

First step is to buy just enough paint for your room. You can do this by having the measurements of your room, the number of windows and their measurements as well. Go to the store and seek help from their paint expert on how many cans will you need. Take note of this, if your wall has a darker paint or if you are planning to have darker paint, then you might need more paint. But if you run out of paint, you never have to worry because most stores now have machines for you to get the exact match of paint that you need.

If you already have the paint available prepare other things that you will need. Here is a list of things that you should prepare. A wooden paint stirrer which is usually free with the paint purchased, a wide masking tape, covering on the floor which could be large garbage bags or plastic tarp. Then you can prepare an angled sash brush, a roller base and rollers that are designed to fit the texture of your wall, a pan to hold the paint that would also fit the roller that you have, a small dish to carry the paint while you using the brush will also be helpful and old newspapers to rest your used materials and help protect the floor.

Room painted in red tile

With the things needed to paint already prepared, you are ready for the painting. Make sure that you have all the things that you do not want accidentally painted on, away from the walls. The place paint tapes or masking tapes to cover baseboards, edges in the ceiling, windows and door trims and the other places where you would want to be protected from paint. Also tape the plastic tarp over the floor to protect your flooring or carpet.

Stir your paint with the stirrer for a few minutes and start painting from the edgings. With the use of your angle sash brush, follow the straight edge of your wall with the shorter edge of the brush guiding your stroke. Paint all the edgings until the area where the roller cannot reach. After all the edgings, start painting now with the use of your roller. Let the first coat dry according to the package instructions and then repeat the procedure until you reach the color that want to have. Then remove all the masking tape and you can now enjoy your newly painted room.

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