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Making Vibrant Rental Apartments without Painting


Rental apartments are a very common option nowadays in the world of modern industry.

Most of the time, they are centrally located and close to points of interest; even near to the workplace.

The problem is that due to the limitations of the lease, these apartments cannot be decorated the way we wanted; not only is it forbidden to open holes in the walls, we cannot even paint them!

What alternative do we have then in that situation? Here at Decorating Visita Casas we tell you.

Decorating the Wall of Rental Apartments

Being so economical, companies often prefer to spend on renting an apartment with a contract for a year, then; you are now facing a wall that you will see for a whole year and you are not even allowed to paint it.

Some see an obstacle, but the truth is that it’s a great opportunity!

Working under certain constraints encourages us to imagine outside the mold, to look for practical alternatives and, although sometimes they may be obvious; we only realize them when we are under that kind of stress.

Exploring these new alternatives taught us something here in Decorating Visita Casas, and is that creativity does not wear out; the more you use that creative vein, the stronger it becomes, and more creativity you pump.

So here we leave you a gallery of ideas that you can implement for that wall that they will not let you paint for a whole year

Warning! These ideas can be too great for a closed mind, so it remains at your own risk.

First of all, before continuing and beginning to tell you all the decorative techniques you can apply; we must talk about something very important.

If you cannot paint, you cannot use nails either.

If the person who is renting the apartment does not want you to change the colors of the walls, opening holes will not be an option either.

Fortunately, there are several products to “hang things” that do not damage the wall and are removable. A good example of this is the Command 3M tapes.

My recommendation is to purchase wall and wood glue, double-sided tape or any other adhesive product that does not require nails

But buy a good amount, you will need it!


Hats are and always will be a classic, despite being now trend in some countries. The good thing about them is that beyond storing them in the closet to swallow dust, they can be displayed!

Whether they are wide-brimmed hats or “mushroom” style, all hats can be hung on a wall. Not only is it an original decoration; It can also help you save space inside your closet.


So many selfies on a daily basis seem to bear fruit at last. You can set a schedule of photographs that you regularly add to the wall.

You could also start your own collection of your pet, your partner or the same person who does not let you paint the wall; all are potential candidates.

The important thing is to have something on the wall that makes you laugh, something that makes you completely dull that base color that you may not even like. The best in these cases is to use photographs and small frames, although the final decision is yours.

The form of the frames as well as the distribution of the same ones can be free style. Let the photographs remind you of those happy moments while representing the victory of your creativity over the imposition of the rule of not painting the wall.


How many people do you know have a screen in your house?

Seriously, if you want to completely block the wall with a stylish accessory and category buy a screen!

The Moroccan decor are used a lot to divide stays, the Victorian decoration gives the classic use in the bedroom. You could now set a trend by integrating it into your modern / minimalist decor.

The screen can also be used for other practical purposes, not only to block the view towards the wall; one of those options is to use it as a backup of your bed. Everything will depend on where is the wall that you want to block.


Another achievement of the minimalist style in the decorations is these invisible shelves. From the outset they were intended to be fixed to the wall without the use of nails, however; its intricate designs reminiscent of the Skane game.

They are not the typical shelf in which you can only take advantage of the upper space. The way in which they are designed, allows us to use as many of their sides as the top; especially if you apply those small adhesive hooks to hang.

The finish of the shelf in question of material and colors also makes it very versatile. From plants to collectible toys, virtually anything can be displayed on them and it will look good.

I forgot to mention it! They are very economical


No, I did not forget, how could I if I have one in a mirror?

The variety and versatility of vinyls could be said to be as broad as the imagination of the person who wears them.

They can be perfectly combined with all the options mentioned above or can work perfectly standing alone on the wall.

Which figure to use?

That is actually the only important question when you are purchasing a vinyl. Of course there are different qualities; I personally recommend that you use those that are easily removed from the wall.

In any case, if you are having trouble removing a double sided tape or a vinyl and you must remove it; the best way is by going to your hair dryer.

If you want the adhesive to lift without mistreating the wall; then use your dryer for about 45 seconds to burn clothes against that tape. You’ll see how easily you can remove it without worry.

Of course, decorate with art

It’s the most obvious choice but perhaps the best of all. Probably the rest of the alternatives somehow are going to vanish in the wall.

Regarding this, you must realize that the wall will always be there, maybe the color would not be beautiful, but what happens when we add that beauty that is missing to the wall painting, using more paint?

Because no, not always the landlord establishes those rules without having meditated on them. There are people aware that the best way to protect your budget is by limiting the freedoms given to tenants.

If you cannot disappear that horrifying color, why not use it in the right concept to which it belongs? The basis of a decoration cannot be simply horrible and anymore.

If the wall usually represents 60% of the bases of the decoration,

Why focus on hiding their flaws, why not highlight their virtues?

Decorate with art and you will notice how that base color on the wall can be beautifully tapped. It was because we presented a challenge of this type that we think of so many alternatives; Imagine if we really sat down to try to make the best of the worst.

rental apartments

These solutions came to us as we talked about a friend’s problem; and it is good to note that an open mind bears its fruits.

Cheer up, think outside the box and tell me what do you recommend to be able to deal with this silly monochrome wall in all the rental apartments!


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