Tips on Making an Easy and Inexpensive Headboards

A headboard for your bed is essential, and it will certainly make your sleeping so convenient. At least, if you have your headboard, you can lean your pillows on it while watching television or while reading a book. However, when you go to the mall and search for headboards, you find their prices so expensive. Especially those that are beautifully designed, they have these extreme prices that you cannot afford. So you start questioning, how to make easy, inexpensive headboards?

Red fabric covered headboard
Simple, you just have to define how you want it to look like. What is your theme? For example, you want something that can also be useful as well. You can try using cork. You can cut it just the size of your bed so it will just fit right your head. What is the use of having a cork headboard? Well, it can serve as your “to do wall” where you can post papers and other stuff to remind you of everything that you will need to do. If you want to decorate it more, you can put designs around the cork board such as flowers or other abstract designs.

Another thing that you can do is that you can maximize the functions of standing screens. Or what about bi-fold doors? You can design it by covering it with fabric or wallpaper so as not to make it look boring. Just make use of screws to attach it to the walls, and you already have your customized headboard. Have you ever tried shutters when doing inexpensive headboards? Well, you can use them for your headboard to save, just be sure you decorate it with your favorite paint color. You can also have it painted with different designs such as floral or other elements of the environment so it will lighten your bed and the whole ambience of the room.

Original turquoise painted headboard

Actually, you can use anything that fits the size of your bed. Just be sure it can support itself. You can use any kind of wood.You can just have it painted or decorated in any way you want. If you want it to be plain, you can just varnish it. If you want to have it designed without removing the natural color of the wood. You can have it carved with designs. It is all up to you. The only thing that you have to be sure is that when you create your own headboard, you have to be sure your head can lean comfortably with it. You also have to be sure it is safe. Why? You don’t have to sacrifice quality just to save. Always consider the comfort and convenience of your family members before settling with inexpensive headboards.

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