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How to decorate for a big family


A lot of families consist of many members in their family and they often tend to wonder if it is possible to decorate their house brilliantly. Some people still continue to live in a joint family and share a house together. Sometimes it is quite fun to decorate a house with such huge number of family members as each individual can generate an idea for the same. Some big family may have big houses while some live in a small house. It completely depends from one family to the other.

[one_half_first]Some ideas on how to decorate for a big family can be shared with these few points mentioned below. They are:Big family should include a big dining table because all family members gather and sit together to have their meal. You can decorate it with a big modern table and chairs that is placed in the centre of the room. Families with little children can also attached a baby’s chair in between the table so as to eat food properly without getting bothered by small children.[/one_half_first][one_half_last][/one_half_last]

Home bedrooms can be shared by the 2, 3 members of the family. They can each share a part of the wall. Each member can decorate and paint the walls of their own choice. Bunker beds can also be placed if the room is small. They can have separate tables to post their night lamps and other necessities. Separate shelves can be provided so that they will keep their belongings private and clean. The best portion for the parent’s bedroom will be in the middle of the house so that they can hear everything that goes around the house.

The sitting room can have a big couch so that the whole family can sit together and enjoy some quality time. Also pictures can be framed and hanged on the walls. Decorating a home for a big or small family is not the problem as long as they live in peace. Getting along with each other is the most important factor of all.

“Designing a house is like writing a song: You try as best you can and you have to finish at some point. You’re probably best to write another song than driving yourself mad.”—Jamie Norton, a coffee house owner of LONDON gave this statement in one of his interviews with the DWELL magazine. Though Jamie lives in LONDON but every person in this world who wants to renovate their home or intend to change the current interior of their house can certainly relate to this quote. Home is undoubtedly a precious and pious place for any human being. Everyone wants their home to be the best and beautiful yet cozy and comfortable. The interior of a house reflects the lifestyle and taste of the people who live there.

Put your heart and soul into it

People always try heart and soul to be both innovative and rational while decorating yet stay loyal to the emotion connection that they have with the place where they live or with the place they call ‘HOME’. In fact, the emotional factors influence the interior of a home the most. From here, we can include the fact that the interior of a house also reflects certain human emotions entitled with that house. For example, many people preserve vintage furniture in their home which is the epitome of family lineage. No matter how many times the house get renovate such vintage furniture are always part of the interior as they may reflect the glorious history of their ancestors.

Decorating the house conventionally or renovating the house does not mean that it only big changes are required. Small changes along with the big changes or only few small changes can give the interior of your house a completely different yet impressive makeover. You can consider home as a blank canvas which you can fill beautifully my putting colors of your imagination and sensibilities and create a masterpiece of a lifetime.

Some tips provided below can certainly enable you to decorate your home more beautifully:

  1. Sketch the design first

Whatever or however you want to design your home the first thing that your certainly need to do is make a blueprint or sketch of your plans. If possible, draw a design of the entire house and add your inputs in it. By doing so, you can remember every single thought that will pop up in your mind and preserve it to use it while implementing the design or literally decorating the house. It can also help you to fulfill every single requirement of your own. For example, if you make a plan of renovating your house extensively by professional interior designers then you should make a plan regarding your budget and short-listing the best interior designers who are best-suited for your requirements.  Even if you intend to decorate it with your own sensibilities prior planning helps you a lot. It also helps to identify the budget required to fulfill the dreams of decorating the house in your own terms.

  1. Don’t overcrowd the place

The most common mistake that people make while decorating their house is that they use excess furniture in one room or they use decorative pieces which are completely out of proportion with each other. People need to understand the fact that only situating furniture under one roof does not help increasing the interior beauty of a house. You need to be creative and smart while positioning your furniture. And also putting too much furniture can make the room look small and hard to breathe. So, structure your furniture according to the demand of the size and pattern of the room.

  1. Go green

Green is always soothing for the eyes and this statement also justifies the logic to keep trees in the house. You don’t necessarily need to put a big tree in the room which may turn the room in a jungle. But instead you can put a cactus or a small flower tree in a corner of a room or put it over the study table. You can also grow herbs like cilantro, basil, thyme in a small pot and put it in the kitchen and that can easily fill your kitchen with a zest of freshness and the homegrown herbs can also be used while cooking. Also plants need a place to grow especially in a polluted world like ours. So, if   you are not finding place to grow them so just use hanging pots to grow them and give your room a freshness of greenery.

  1. Some recycle would definitely help

Don’t throw the old junk or old piece of wood that you have in your home. You never know what purpose it may fulfill. If you don’t have enough money to buy new chairs, then you can use the old pieces of wood to make a small stool and color it with vibrant colors to add a glimpse of glamour. Decorate the old cupboard with flower vases and burnish it wood color. It saves your money and is also environment friendly.

  1. Highlight the prominent features of the house

There is always that one prominent feature of a room that highlights the room or it can be that corner of a room that is noticed at first while entering the room. It can be a fireplace in a house or a big white wall or even a wide corridor or a window. The prominent feature of the house does not need to be in the center of a room. It can even be a cozy corner of the house which is situated right beside the window which you can use as a place to sit and chat for hours with your mother or with your best friend. You can decorate the wall that gets noticed the most by aesthetic paintings. Never underestimate the potential that the prominent feature of your   house has and utilize it the most to increase the architectural beauty of your house.

  1. Just quirk it up

Don’t always go the easy, clichéd and stereotyped way. Just quirk it up!! Add a pop of color in your bedroom wall by using movie posters as paintings. It can be something unconventional yet innovative. Play with geometric shapes. Use rugs of different shapes and sizes to add a glimpse of color and brightness in the room.

  1. Vintage and antiques are timeless

“Old is Gold”. This line is true even while decorating your home. Never ditch the vintage furniture or rug or painting that you have in your house. It can certainly give your house the much needed classiness. And vintage never fails to grab eyeballs. Because always remember that what now is called vintage was once brand new. If placed accurately antiques can also give your interior a touch of freshness and innovativeness.

  1. Don’t waste the space

Make sure you can utilize every single corner of the house. In today’s time and especially in the urban lifestyle people adjust in small houses. Not everyone can afford a big house with a large garden in the front. So, make sure you can make the most of what you have. For that, you can use wall hanging cupboards and book shelves to save space. Use lesser furniture to make the bedroom feel big. Use light color both in the walls and the curtains. Act smart but never compromise your comfort zone and lifestyle.

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