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A Guide to Different Bed Sizes


Do you know the different sizes of beds? Do you know that it is actually very important for us consumers to know about bed sizes for us to be able to easily distinguish which size of bed we should really have or prefer? Yes, knowing the different sizes of beds can even help us as well as the sales person assisting us so that we all easily determine and search what type and size of bed fits us and our way of living. But then, how would we be able to know the true and exact sizes of beds? Simple, we simply ask some sales person to give or show us some of their guide to bed sizes brochure to help us know what size of bed we really should be looking for.

Let us first discuss the sizes of the beds through the mattress. Bed mattresses have 6 different sizes which are, namely, the Twin size which measures 39 x 75 inches, the X-Long Twin size which measures 39 x 80 inches, the Full size, that measures 54 x 75 inches, the Queen size which measures 60 x 80 inches, the King size which measures 76 x 80 inches, and lastly, the California King which measures a grand 72 x 84 inches. These are the common sizes of mattresses from which we can freely choose from. So, if you and your family actually need the biggest size of bed, why don’t you try and look for the California King Size mattress? You will definitely be astonished by its gigantic size. That’s not all–aside from the mattress size, markets are also offering different sizes of comforter, flat sheets, as well as those fitted sheets that you will need too. But then, just to stay guided, just always remember what size of mattress you have for you to be able to easily distinguish which flat sheet or fitted sheets you are going to buy so that these will surely fit your mattress.

Let us always remember that different persons and families need different sizes of bed. This is the main reason why we should always keep in mind that we should be aware and knowledgeable enough about the different sizes of beds which are available in the market to make things easier for us and our whole family when purchasing a bed mattress.

If you’re actually a bit confused about the sizes, all you have to do is to drop by at any store that is offering beds, and ask them to give you some guide to bed sizes brochures and keep those pamphlets so that you can still use them as future references. Stay guided at all times, and don’t let confusion get in your way. Think straight and act well and you will certainly be able to buy the mattress that you are looking for!

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