Window treatment ideas for glass sliding doors

To take away the boring effect of the bland glass doors, drapery panels can be maximized to serve as the frame of the doors. If there is a lack of drapery panels, one can just use some pieces of artworks or designs to trace the frame of the windows, just so the rectangular shape of the sliding door would not be boring.

Decorating a glass sliding door

Actually, the usual vertical blinds can still be used, since there are already many designs available in the department store. However, these blinds may seem too ordinary. Vertical blinds can be spiced up with the use of swag or a cornice board. One can even put a shelf above the glass to serve as an added decoration. There are also stencils available in the department store. One can just choose from a wide variety of patterns available. However, to make it more customized, one can just design his or her own stencil. It is easy to make, and it depends on the own style of the room’s occupant. It is best recommended to try posting the stencil first on another surface before directly applying it on the wall. This would allow for some adjustments when necessary, especially on the color and on the design of the pattern These are just some of the bright window treatment ideas for glass sliding doors. They need not be complicated and most of them can be done in just a few hours. In the end, it is always up to the preference of the occupant.