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How to Repair Double Pane Windows


Windows had been one of the most vital parts of the house. When the door is closed for safety, you can always open the windows for a breath of fresh air. As well as other items and parts of the house, they can also be decorated and styled according to the preferred theme of one’s home. You can put curtains on them, some other decorations depending on the occasion and you can also hang some small plants and chimes near them so that when the wind blows, you will be able to smell the fragrance of the plant, and hear the relaxing sound of the chimes. Windows can also be identified as single pane, or double pane.

Dual Pane windows are and effective way of conserving energy that’s why many people use them nowadays. Now, what if for instance you have a dual pane window in your home, and suddenly it was broken? How will you repair it?

• Take note of your window’s dimensions
Measure the width, height, and total thickness of your window before you can buy a replacement. Buying the correct size of a window is as important as properly installing it. The easiest way of doing this is to measure the dimensions of the frame and note them down. You will need to give the individual thickness of the glass units in case you want the same spacer.

• Unscrew and remove units properly
Once you had bought the proper replacement for your window, you are now ready for doing the repairs. First, gather all the necessary equipment within your reach. Unscrew and remove the units one-by-one and properly take out the broken windows. If there may be smaller pieces, clean them properly with a vacuum.

• Put on the adhesives
Squeeze and apply some caulk to the frame, where you will be installing the new window. Make sure that you apply the caulk evenly so that there would be no air gaps for you to avoid the entrance of chilly air. Place the new unit gently and make sure that it fits in the frame properly.

• Screw down tightly
Once the new window is placed in properly, screw it down tightly, check the free-drilled holes in the frames. and screw the dual pane window accordingly. After securing the screws, try opening, closing, or locking the unit. If the new windows are working fine then install the new window frame. Place the screws to assure firm grip. In case you find more air gaps, then apply more caulk as well.
Repairing windows is quite easy if you just know the measurements of your window. And what’s important as well is that, you should have the proper materials, and be responsible enough to secure the small parts like the screws, nails, etc. now that you have your new window, you can open it once again for a breath of fresh air, and for a better view of the world around you.

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