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10 Tips on Decorating Easily Your Home


Beautifying a home is never that hard. There are things that you can do yourself that would already help in beautifying your home. If you are looking for an affordable way to decorate your home, here are some tips that you can follow for you to achieve a new look for less the price.

Modern hallway decorThe first thing that you can do is change the paint in the room that you want to redecorate; or repaint the whole house if you want. Make sure to choose the colors well; because this would set the mood of your room or your house. This would be the basis of the rest of the furniture that will be placed in the room that would include the curtains and carpet.

The next thing to do is rearrange the furniture and arrange it in a way that it would give the room a new look and a new style. You may opt to have a theme for your room with the use of the available furniture that you have. You can add carpets if you want and make sure that the colors complement each other.

Useful tip in creating interior designs on a budget

[one_half_first]Another useful tip in creating interior designs on a budget is by finding alternatives to common articles of design themes. This can also mean finding less costly raw materials for the decor. A good example would be using stencils on paint jobs rather than applying the paint directly would help minimize material consumption, as stencils make use of less paint than direct application. [/one_half_first][one_half_last][/one_half_last]

Common articles in interior design, such as rugs and cabinets can be preserved instead being replaced by new ones, by adding a touch of camouflage on them, for example, by hanging old rugs as tapestries on the wall.

Small elegant bedroomLastly, set priorities on certain themes and designs. Since you are on a budget, it is less likely that you can actually achieve the same result as those people who really pay a good sum of money for interior design. If you think that a certain article would really need to be replaced, you may still do so, as long as it is set as your priority over other articles.

6 Home Design Tips: Tea Party Bedroom

tOu of ideas on re-designing your little girl’s room? Why not opt for a tea party bedroom design? It’s perfect for the imaginative young girls who dreams of having an elegant social tea party with her friends. As we all know tea party rooms are very cozy and comfortable, this will help your young girl relax in the confines of her bedroom.

In creating a tea party bedroom, it has to be fanciful, elegant and most of all functional. Young girls love elaborate designs and fancy details and for a bedroom inspired by such a theme, you have to be creative. It has to be functional as well, what’s the use of having a tea party bedroom if she can’t invite friends to come over and have a tea party? Do some research over the internet and browse for pictures of tea party rooms to get an inspiration. Here are some tips that can aid you in this redesigning feat.
Tea party bedroom

Tea Party Walls

The colors of the walls should be soft and not too strong. This is because you want to create a relaxing atmosphere. The easiest and fastest ways to décor walls is to use colored wallpapers which are usually available in your local department stores. Search for elegant patterns to simulate a real tea party room. If you want it to be more personalized you can paint the walls by hand. Paint the girl’s room walls with the shades of her favorite color, or better yet paint a mural that features here favorite things.

Tea Party Flooring

The floor plays a big role in the appearance of the room. It should share the same glitz the walls have, so you might as well decorate it to harmonize with the walls. Take note that it is a tea party bedroom, tea, coffee and other beverages will be consumed there and spills will be a usual occurrence. Instead of using wall to wall carpet, you can use floor coverings that are spill-resistant. If you have a large budget, you can situate wood and marble tiles.
Girl playing

Tea Party Furniture and Accessories

A Tea Party Room will not be a tea party room without Tea Part tables and chairs. Find a table and chair set that is proportional to the size of the room. Keep in mind that it is also a bedroom, having big tables will congest the room. It is best to situate the Table Set in the center of the room. You can attach a chandelier-like fixture above for a more dramatic effect. Of course you will need a tea set. When buying for a tea set, survey your child’s personality and base from it, this way you can get a design that will make her feel more special. Situate a cupboard to hold the tea set on display when not in use.

Cool and Chic Budget Decorating Tips

Budget decorating can be a very challenging and at the same time a very satisfying job. You get to save money and also be inventive and artistic in the process. If the funds are endless then you can splurge on the décor but with a budget nagging you its imperative that you exploit all the resources available at hand to do up the décor to your satisfaction with the minimum funds you have. Here are some cool tips to save you money and at the same time help you decorate with panache.

Violet-grey wall painted The first thing to do is fix a budget within which you should complete your décor. This should encompass all necessities including the accessories. Fixing the budget itself amounts to half the work done.
Start with one room at a time so you can stick to your budget properly. Including the décor of all the rooms at a time may make you spend more, so start with say the drawing room or the living room first. And then proceed to the next one.

Get the color and the decorations pre-planned for the room you start with. Set a deadline for the work to be done. This will help you to focus on the task at hand and you will get more time to look into the particular style you want for the room. Decorating on a shoestring budget is not an easy task and you may be bogged down by the various tensions of deadlines, low funds and compromised style. It will make you feel better if you do some big budget ones in between the low funded ones so you need not feel the stress build up in you.

Light and relaxing colours Planning is an important aspect that should not be neglected at any cost. Make precise measurements of the area to be decorated. Include all accessories in the plan like the furniture, drapes and wall décor in the plan. This will help you to decide in advance any changes that you may have to make and thereby saving you a lot of money and time in the process. While planning details like the height of the ceiling, the ventilation and the proper placement of windows and doors are to be noted. Just because you are operating on low funds does not mean you have to be stingy on the style and grace of the décor. Elegant and sophisticated look, as the Japanese style can be produced with a low budget if you take some care in planning and if you execute it properly.

Inexpensive ideas for decorating home

A good way to learn new things about inexpensive home decorating ideas is to share what you know with others and then wait for them to share their tips with you. This exchange of ideas will be helpful to all interested parties. Don’t be afraid to ask a lot of questions when shopping at the home supply store. Remember, these people are always hearing ideas from other customers who work on home projects, therefore the store employees are bound to have some great tips and thoughts about your special project.

When ever you notice a friend has made changes to their home decor, go ahead and ask them about it. Not only will they be flattered that you are interested, but also, you will pick up some ideas that you might incorporate into your own home interior improvements.

Don’t always think that women are the only ones that are interested in home decorating. The next time you have a group of visitors at your home and the subject of home decorating comes up, watch and see if all the men look the other direction. Chance are the majority of men may not be interested, but don’t discount the minority. It’s good to have the opinion of both sexes.

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