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Hideaway Beds: Opt For Stylish Fu-Chests


Do you want to decorate your living space with stylish furniture and at the same time make space for an extra bed too? Then a Fu-Chest is your answer. A Fu-Chest is actually a bed that doubles as a chest of drawers. It is the perfect hideaway bed for your home. At day it imparts style and elegance to your room and at night viola! It becomes an extra bed where you can put up your guest with aplomb.

Hideaway bed

This hideaway bed is appropriate for a good night’s sleep as it comes with a sturdy and comfortable mattress. It is actually a full length one where you can stretch out reasonably well. And moreover your guest can rest well and will be happy over the sleeping arrangement. What more could any host want!

The Fu-Chest comes with a B-fold mattress sporting an innerspring and you can also get a custom made one if you prefer more comfortable and classy ones to grace your home. These come at a very affordable rate.

While shopping for a Fu-Chest you can see two main varieties: contemporary ones and classic traditional versions. They come in either dark wood or lighter ones. You can choose one that holds a wide storing area when it is not used as a bed. Also you can decorate the top area with photo frames or other collectibles of your choice. Try going for one that blends with your existing bedroom décor and further adds class and elegance to the room.

Fu chest bed

So if you are faced with space constraint and are in need of an extra bed to accommodate a guest the Fu-Chest is the best option. Your guest gets a bed to sleep on and you can use it as a chest for your bits and pieces at other times. And it is not very expensive, which is another reason why you should opt for a hideaway bed. Moreover whatever type you choose whether it is modern or traditional the Fu-Chest adds style and glamour to your décor.

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