A Japanese Touch in the Home

Redecorating your house is one of the most enjoyable things that you can do. If you want to have a feel of Japan in your home, then you can add a touch of it in your interior decorating style. Here are some things that you need to consider to give your home that Japanese feel and you can even do it yourself; you do not even have to hire an interior decorator to do it for you.

• The first thing that you can do is decide how much you will spend for the Japanese interior decoration and stick with the budget that you have.
• Plan out the colors that you will be using. Remember that Japanese interiors usually use neutral colors for a simple background. These are the colors of the Eastern art because it represents the simplicity; these colors would minimize the clutter feeling that is very essential in the designs of the Japanese and in the Eastern designs.

Japanese interior decorating style

• The next thing that you need to consider is the texture and the type of material that Japanese use. These materials may be cedar, rice paper, bamboo and stone to mention a few. The Japanese culture also balances everything in all the aspects of their lives and the interior decoration is included. Here are some examples: if you use a highly polished bamboo floor, you may need to match it with mats that are heavily textured or you can place white pebbles on top of the black granite ledge that is around the tub; or you can display a box that is lacquered on top of a rough table.
• Clutter is not a part of the Japanese decorations and so you need to take away all the decorations that fill in your space. Always consider the pillars of the Japanese decoration; which is peacefulness and balance. So never over-decorate when you want to have a Japanese-styled interior decoration.
• Always bear in mind that the Eastern interiors that include a Japanese style have a central object as its focus and it may be a garden, an altar or an irori (hearth). Thus, you can place an orchid or a small fountain as one of your decorations. With nature in your decorations, this would give you the serenity; an element that is vital to the Japanese inspired design.
Japanese decorating style

• Natural light is also an important part of the Japanese design; thus, the use of rice paper as screens and walls that would offer both privacy and light. If you do not want to use rice paper you can make use of light colored curtains like white or you can also choose cream color.

These are just some of the ideas that you need to remember when you will be decorating a room with a Japanese style interior decoration. These are just the basic things that you need to follow to achieve the Japanese feel that you would want in your home.


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  1. i am from the bamboo home decor, in the japanese house, bamboo is one of the main elements, whenever from the furniture, cooking and eating utilities, decor, gardening etc, the japanese family would use bamboo there.

  2. I’ve always loved what you call the “peacefulness and balance” of what a Japanese-inspired room gives me. Because doing a Japanese theme can be expensive, even without the clutter (!), I used wall decals from http://www.wallslicks.com. Their decals have a matte finish so they look like they were painted right on the wall. I got a very striking look with an easy to apply product, and now this is always the first room I go to when I get home and need some peace!

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