Ideas that you can use for your Japanese decoration

You can also add fabric patterns especially on the pillows that you may use or place on the walls as decorations. You can have Japanese embroidery, brocade, Kasuri or metallic weave are just some of the decorative that you can use. This artwork may give you the flowers, patchwork designs that you may use and other patterns that are brightly colored. Then give attention to your windows. You can have window treatments to give it a Japanese look. You can mimic a look of the shoji screens in your window by making use of the rice paper window shades which you can place under cornice boards that may be covered by black and gold fabric.

Japanese interior decorating style

Then choose the furniture that you would be using. In most Japanese homes they make use of the tatami mats instead of sitting on the floor or chairs. But for those who wanted to have added comfort you can sit on pillows. You may not need the Japanese kokatsu table instead you can use low tables by shortening its legs or purchase a hibachi table if you are planning to use it for long term. Then to complete your Japanese dining area, have the tableware match your theme. These are some ideas that you can use for your Japanese inspired dining room. You may use the real things that the Japanese people use for their dining, but with this preparation, you can have the feel of eating in a Japanese environment.


japanese decor

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