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All about Stained Glass Lamp Shades That you Need to Know


You would be asking why you should bother with stained glass lamp shades when you can just use any lamp shades that you could buy almost everywhere. Well, not all lamp shades are the same and although you can use all lamp shades that you want, not everything can actually suit your style or personality. So here’s the thing, don’t just use any lamp shade use the one that defines you and useful for you as well. Let me tell you this, this article is all about stained glass lamp shades and at the end of this, you will realize why knowing the difference is important

A stained glass lamp shade has more effect than your ordinary lamp shade. Why? Simply because the stained glass refracts the light and at the same time gives a more subtle effect which is best especially if you want to have a dim surrounding for your house. Furthermore, even if you want to have a subtle light, using this one can lighten the whole room because it refracts the light unlike other lamp shades which restricts the light hence, there would be a darker effect. If you want to save energy but don’t want to compromise the lighting as well, the stained glass lamp shade is what you need.

One of the reasons why you should use a stained glass lamp shade is that it is very affordable and stylish at the same time. It is also very convenient to maintain since you just clean it with a clean wet rug and that’s it. There are no fuzz or hassle in having this lamp shade. You could also use this at your child’s bedroom especially if your child is afraid of the dark. This way, you don’t need to let the lights on for your child but you may just use a glass stained lamp. Furthermore, you can just use a low intensity for the light which is good for saving electricity.

These stained glass lamp shades can also be used as a gift during housewarming or even for weddings or birthdays. Many people do not know that using a stained glass lamps are good for the house and has many good effects. In choosing a lamp shade, you should visit department stores and even online Internet sites because they have all the info about stained glass lamp shades. You could choose from different designs that would satisfy your needs and style as well. There are so many stores offering these glass lamp shades so could select one that best exemplifies your style.

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  1. Thank you for the excellent post on stained glass lamp shades. I agreed with the thought that the stained glass lamp shades refract the light instead of darkening or restricting the light as does a regular lamp shade. Also I find that stained glass lamp shades subtly enhances most any decor with an heirloom like look that is the envy of many friends.
    Another benefit of stained glass lamp shades is their value. Since most high quality stained glass lamp shades are individually handmade, no two shades are exactly alike which gives them heirloom value. Due research is needed as some reproductions use a cheap glass.
    Some stained glass lamps are made with a lighted base which can be used as a night light or an accent light. Not only are they beautiful, they are useful and to be enjoyed day or night.
    If anyone has an interest in viewing genuine stained glass lamps, I would recommend browsing and see unique lamps for yourself.

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