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Reasons why you should Use Rice Paper Lamp Shades


Home decoration is one of the things that are being scrutinized whenever a visitor comes into your home. Your house would look bare without these decorations. Whatever may be the style of your house, sure thing is you are using lamps not only for decorative purpose only but for utility as well. Lamp shades do a lot for your homes that you don’t notice. Simply put, it may be one of the few things that you should have when you are decorating your home. Even if you only have several appliances and décor, your lamp shade will make up for it. However, not all lamp shades may be exactly what you need. But a rice paper lamp shade will surely do wonders for your decorating needs.

That lamp shades may look subtle as a design compared to metallic and expensive ones. This lamp shade may actually work for your home. First, it is less expensive than others. The materials for the shade are actually cheap because it came from rice paper compared to metallic ones. Hence, you can buy more lamp shades to place on strategic location of your house. You would be amazed at the effect when only this lamp shade is turned on. It would give a subtle glow to your house especially when you are in a relaxing mood and is playing some music on the background with a wine on your hand. Isn’t that romantic?

If you are making a native design for your home, this lamp shade would actually work out with your antiques. It is simply amazing to find a lamp that would look good with your antique collections. However, if you are one of those who are so experimental, this lamp shade comes with different designs that would even match your urban designs. You can have so many options to choose from unlike other lamp that is suitable for only one design.

This lamp is also very easy to maintain. All you need is a little cleaning from time to time. You don’t need to worry about expensive wax to be applied on because a slightly wet rug will do. You can even use this as a gift to other friends especially for house warming or weddings. They would surely be delighted to receive this as a gift. Using a lamp can also save you electricity bills. Turn off your bright lights at night before going to bed and you will discover that you are saving a lot of electricity and money as well. Using the lamp shade is even environmental friendly. Why? you are using natural products for your lamp shade. Isn’t this simply amazing?

Clearly, this lamp shade will do wonders for you. Now that you have your reasons why you should get a rice paper lamp shade, would you settle for less?

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  1. Where can I buy just the shades (like the long cylindar pictured) without the lamp?

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