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Candle Holders With Gems

There are a lot of things on which you can make use of gemstones. Of course, the most popular use of gemstones is making jewelry. But, did you know that gemstones can also be used in creating a masterpiece that can be a beautiful home décor? One of the popular gemstone décor items available in the market is the candle holder. Not only is this artwork a beautiful decoration for one’s home, but it is also a functional source of light.

The gemstones in the market are of different colors and different shapes, each with very a distinct appearance. Some may look shiny and very smooth with a polished surface that would look good especially if this will reflect light. Some gems may look rustier, may look weather beaten and have a rocky look. The other gemstones may look like crystals with a great design and artistry. If gemstones are used in candleholders, this will create more style and add artistry to its function. Making use of a clear or transparent gemstone may create a light that looks like it is coming from within. Using gemstones in a candleholder may also cut down the glare which will yield a softer light and create a more homely look because the gemstone will act as a filterfor the harsh glare. In an opaque gemstone, the glow of the candle will only be visible above the gem’s surface.

Some of the gemstones may be smooth and may have that shimmering look. This look of the candleholder may be very attractive especially if the candlelight reflects on the gem. The gemstone may even reflect the light from the candle and create a glittery look. Most commonly used gems on candle holders are agate, amethyst, quartz or rose quartz or even sodalite. Materials that are considered not flammable and can be shaped can also be used to make a candleholder masterpiece.

Candleholders are made with different styles and shapes that can accommodate the different shapes of candles. Some may hold candlesticks, while other candles hold tea light candles. Other candleholders are made more beautiful by holding more than one candle. This will give you the chance to appreciate the great light that comes from multiple candles beautifully lighted beside each other, along with the gems. However, the use of the candleholder should also match the room where it will be placed to make it look as part of the room. So be careful in selecting that kind of candleholder. Candleholders are great decor that can make your room look more brilliant. This is one great item that can give your room a more romantic and homely feeling to give you the warmth and comfort that you need.

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