Assembling the leg lamp

I finally prearranged my personal leg lamp. When the merchandise was delivered, I was delightfully surprised to see it packaged just like the one in the movie. The courier service did not seem to follow the handling instructions but thankfully when we opened the package, the lamp seemed to be in perfect condition. Now the only thing left you have to face up to was to assemble.

Paper leg lamp

Assembling the leg lamp seemed awkward at first. Grabbing an object shaped like a woman’s leg in black fishnet stockings seemed very inappropriate. Thankfully, there was an instruction manual in the package which made the awkward assembly process much faster. I was now ready to light up my “leg lamp” in my very own home. Voila! The leg lamp lighted and I was very pleased. It had several specially-installed light bulbs which made the glow much sexier. It was impressive! Well, I was worried at first about finding replacements for these bulbs but phew, good thing there were instructions for this also in the manual.
Classic leg lamp

If you are interested in buying your own personal leg lamp, go ahead and do it. It is an item you will never regret paying for. It is not just your ordinary house appliance, it is art. Anyone who will enter your home will first find it strange before being delighted at the sight of a leg lamp. Trust me; surely it will bring smiles upon faces.


assembling leg lamp, leg lamps

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