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How to Avoid Accidents in the Garage

A home accident does not necessarily have to occur inside the house for you to be cautious enough and take extra measures on improving your housekeeping. While, there are truly many accidents that happen inside the house itself, there are also accidents that happen in the garage. That part of your house that seems to […]

How to repair garage door

A garage door is something that you open, not from the side like your typical house door, but from the bottom upwards. It uses a sliding or vertical swinging door concept that uses multiple sections all bundled up together and resting on a spring tension mechanism. This mechanism is the main reason why it automatically […]

Garage Sale for All

We all wanted to find cheaper and useful furniture which will surely fit our budget. But then, do we ever instantly know where we could actually find low cost furniture? Yes, malls are giving out sales and some discounts for very specific furniture, but then, most of the time, these discounts are not enough for […]

The power of the motor in automatic garage door openers

Another factor to consider is the power of the motor. It is important to check if the motor of an operator is able to lift the amount of force greater than the required force for the door to be moved. The door needs attention when it sinks when lifted by hand. Make it a point […]

5 Examples of Using Epoxy for Garage Floors Coatings

Exterior paints that are tough in nature can be your priority but epoxy-based floor coating is a more hard-wearing and long-lasting paint than any other type. Epoxy is a resinous chemical that becomes a hardener when combined with a catalyzing agent. Epoxy-based materials that have this kind of application are extensive. You can freely choose […]

Detailed Garage Door Installation and Insulation

Insulation kits are tools which are used for energy efficient solutions to reduce energy consumption in times of extreme climates experienced in every continent in the whole world that is when it’s too cold and hot, especially summer and winter. Insulation kits are used basically to keep the garage warm, repair a garage door, prevent […]