5 Examples of Using Epoxy for Garage Floors Coatings

Exterior paints that are tough in nature can be your priority but epoxy-based floor coating is a more hard-wearing and long-lasting paint than any other type. Epoxy is a resinous chemical that becomes a hardener when combined with a catalyzing agent. Epoxy-based materials that have this kind of application are extensive. You can freely choose different colors if you want to have the feel you think your garage should have. Epoxy’s thick, robust coating is a big yes for your garage floor. It prevents leaks that go through your concrete floor. Because of epoxy, you can now clean your garage floor effortlessly. Nonetheless, In order to deter susceptibility of the flooring to damage due to hot tires and other chemical reactions, you should put into consideration the brand of epoxy you are buying.

The core of having a garage floor coating done is the preparation of the floor well before the application of any coating. You should get rid of any surface dirt and grease thoroughly with the help of a cleaner degreaser. Heavy stains and rusts should be as well removed. The adherence of the floor coating will be sacrificed if you are not going to do all of this firsthand.

If you are okay with epoxy installation on your garage floor and your garage door, then you should remember that it will just be an easy job. After having the kit or the tools you need, and after the tedious cleaning, mix the epoxy up and scrupulously apply it on the floor. As compared to other types of paints, you can apply epoxy only once since it is already thick. Wait for at least one whole day before making use out of your newly done garage.

Whether your garage is simply a junk room or a workshop or a car parking area, you should maintain its appearance inasmuch as making it a purposeful, serviceable place for you and your family. Garage floor coating will not be successfully in line with this vision if regular cleaning and maintenance will be underlined. It is for sure that by following these things, you will have that great garage suited for you.

Best garage floor coatings

When we say “garage” or “garage doors“, the first picture that pops on our minds is a messy, ugly, unorganized place where a car is usually parked or where junks are stored. However, in our time today, this connotation of a garage is revolutionized into an area attached or within a house that should be more functional and decorative when given enough attention.

Garage floor coatingsMost of us who owns a garage can agree that we think of ways to make our place more comfortable to work on. You should not worry because one way is garage floor coating. The traditional method of protecting the floor of a garage is using tiles or mats, but the better way to deal with it is by garage floor coating. It is so much easy to paint on a coating on your floor all by yourself, or you can hire someone to do the task. Only it is advisable to have the job done by yourself.

Not only is garage floor coating the most economic manner of smartening your garage up; with the array of choices of types and colors, it can bring out of you your creative and skillful side. If you truly want to make your garage floor be functional and at the same time be aesthetic, you are surely not in any trouble.

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Detailed Garage Door Installation and Insulation

Insulation kits are tools which are used for energy efficient solutions to reduce energy consumption in times of extreme climates experienced in every continent in the whole world that is when it’s too cold and hot, especially summer and winter. Insulation kits are used basically to keep the garage warm, repair a garage door, prevent the building against moisture which can result in to mold infestation, reduce dust and noise, especially in busy streets in urban areas.

Garage Doors

[one_half_first]These are large doors that are put in a garage and can be opened manually or by an electric motor with the use of garage door opener which is commonly called remote control. The garage doors are large enough to fit standard, SUV and caravan size vehicles. Garage doors can be in residential houses or commercial houses. The residential garage is mostly small and is made with a panel that can tilt up and down across the garage ceiling. The commercial garage doors are made with multiple jointed panels which roll up and down as the door opens.[/one_half_first][one_half_last][/one_half_last]

Types Of Garage Doors

Mostly we have 4 popular types of garage doors:

  1. Sliding garage doors
  2. Sectional roll up garage doors
  3. Swing out garage doors
  4. Swing up garage doors

The buying and installation of these type of doors depend on with your choice which basically depends with the style of the house you have, although each type has its own advantages and disadvantages.

The type of garage to be insulated can be either

  • Attached garage

The attached garage are the garage which are built in the house as one unit. When it comes to insulation it has its advantages as it helps to keep the rest of the house warm as it opens to the main house in the interior side. This type of garage you can insulate the garage door only since the rest of the space can be kept warm by the insulation panels from the main house.

Side garage or non-attached

These types of garage are built aside, that is they are separately build alone. Most of this garage requires completely different type of insulation method. The kind of insulation depends with the activities done and how frequently the garage is used. For examples most of the garage, if is not too packed with family vehicles they tend to turn round and use it as another room for recreational activities and entertainment especially for the visitors. For this purpose. You should consider installation of insulation not only on the garage door but the walls to keep the whole space warm and comfortable. The best insulation method is to use a normal heater or an air conditioning unit .These installation may be expensive but it’s worth the cost.

Most of the garage doors are made up of materials like Wood, Steel, Aluminum, Fiber glass, Vinyl. Custom made garage doors come with the insulation materials. For example, vinyl doors are filled with insulation materials called polystyrene. Same applies to fiber glass doors. But most of the garage doors from other materials are manufactured without insulation material. The material which manufactures garage doors depends mostly with the home owners’ choice and the outlook of the house or garage. The best time to insulate your garage is when you are installing the door or when replacing it. The common used materials are wood which is a natural insulator and metal material simply because they are readily available at a reasonable cost.

Installing insulation kits can be pretty easy as you can install it by yourself or if you lack the technical knowledge you can hire a technician for that purpose. The insulation kits are widely available in the market especially in companies which deal with energy solutions and also you can find them in most electronic mega stores around the world.

Types of garage door insulation kits available in the market

There are three major insulation kits available in the market out there;

  • Reflective foil

It is sold in rolls and it comes in single and double the market you can buy either for your garage door. Reflective foil it’s made with a layer of polyethylene foam which is placed in between two layers of aluminum foil. The double foil is considered to be the best and it’s made up of two layers of foam. It is has low energy cost, its considered to be friendly to human health and environment because it’s made of materials which are non-allergic, the materials are also non considered to be also suitable for ceilings and floors

  • Polystyrene foam

These kind is sold in large sheets .if this is your choice you need to cut them in to small sheets to fit in the panel of your garage door. The materials which make these kits are abit firm and hard compared to reflective foil. Most of the people prefer it.

  • Fiber glass panel kit

This type of a kit in the market is available in 8 cut panels (8 kits).this panels are the one fit in the garage door flame. They are made up of either polystyrene coated with plastic or fiber glass. This type of a kit is easy to install. It is maintenance cost is low.

Things to consider when choosing an installation kit or material

  1. Weight: when shopping for insulation kits considers their wait. Extra weight of the kit may affect the operation of the garage door. The weight added may slag or slow down the movement of the some extend of having difficult with it when opening especially in busy garage.
  2. Rating value: the material of the insulation kit should be of higher rating value
  3. Home friendly: one should choose an insulation kit which may not pose any danger to the people leaving in the house if you are considering putting it in an attached garage should be able to be operated by anyone without difficulties.
  4. Make sure the kind of insulation kit you choose can fit the required place possible: You are not supposed to put or place an insulation kit over a spring of the garage door. The operating mechanism of most commercial garage doors is loaded with springs to reduce the weight of the door and also the effort used to operate the door

How to match insulation door to your garage door

The aim is to make sure the installation kit you choose is easy to install and it’s suitable for climate condition in your area. For example

Steel garage doors

These material of garage doors can accommodate any insulation kit since most of the are manufactured without them. The procedure of installing is just to place the insulation kit or material in the frame around the panels. The fiberglass side should be touching the door or just cut the required size to fit the foam in to the frame. The best steel doors are made from two layers of galvanized steel. These makes the garage doors made of it last for long. Steel doors can be of variable colors because it can be painted to match the color of the house installed

Wood garage doors

To install the insulation material you should cut the required size and fit the insulation into the door frames. Because wood garage doors are mostly affected by weather especially moist conditions you should use double layer of foam board for extra protection. Additionally most of the wood garage doors are designed in craftsman’s designs which brings good and luxurious image. The wood doors are prone to warping so it can be made with wood frame then cover it with a layer of fiberboard.

Aluminum garage doors

Most of the flat garage doors made up of aluminum materials .the doors are made from individual sections. Which when put together they bring the required strength. Most of them are maintenance free, the panels are weather resistant. The best insulation material to use on this doors is foam material or the reflective insulation kit. This insulation kit is mostly used for doors without panels .to install it you simply cut the required size and fix it on the garage door frame. Insulation kits affordability depends with your choice, some of them are expensive are expensive others are cheap in the market so everyone can afford them .most of the insulation kits come in full package.

Content of insulation kits

The kit contains the following things:

  • Insulation-which comes in a roll or a board in this case what you need to do is to trim it or cut it to the required size.
  • Fasteners-this are useful to hold the insulation material in to place
  • Utility knifes or other kits materials– which are necessary to install the insulator

Insulation kits for our garage has made life’s of many possible and easier because an insulated garage makes the temperate in your garage more comfortable and also it has made the energy saving solution more possible by reducing the energy use at our home and also in commercial areas.

Apparently, most garage owners find it more convenient to pave their way on taking the easier selection. Foam sheathing insulation materials can be used for uncomplicated customizations. Installing Garage doors is done by cutting the foam sheathing insulation material depending on the preferred size taking into consideration the garage door panels. These materials are simply attached to the garage door.

Garage doorsIf sheathing door insulation materials are not on hand, you can use reflective foil insulation. The standard thickness of this kind of foil is 5/16th of an inch. It normally consists of heavy-duty polyethylene foams that are double-layered between aluminum foil sheets. You can also use polystyrene panels that are even easier to install on the door. Put into mind that when you are installing your garage door, it is best time to think about its insulation. When replacing your garage door can also be the best time to cope with insulation problems that need to be attended. If you want to use a natural insulator, you can use wood over metal when thinking about what material your door should be made of.

Professionals can be the ones to do the job of garage door insulation for yourself, but if you want to save money, you can do it by yourself since it is not a very hard task. The kinds of kits mentioned regularly include the things you will need on your project such as a tape measure, a straight edge and a utility knife. Garage door insulation will not only save you bucks but will also make your garage, be it a car parking area or a workshop area, a suitable, comfortable place for your needs.

Buying garage door insulation kits

For a household that has a garage, it is most likely the largest space in one’s home that is poorly insulated or not at all. Severe loss of energy can largely happen when a wall of the garage is connected with the house. Insulation may be unimportant to you, but it can avert energy loss through insulated garage door and will save you energy and money. This can also prevent occurrence of damages due to moisture. Compared to the cost of energy loss, various garage door insulation kits available in the market are very efficient and simple.
In order to have proper garage door, you can either buy kits or buy foam sheathing insulation materials. Obviously, these two options have differences that you should consider first before taking any action in helping your home save energy bills by garage door insulation.

The primary problem with door insulation kits is its availability in stores. Not only are they difficult to see in a home improvement store, they usually come with Do-It-Yourself customizations. Nevertheless, most of these insulations kits are perfect for garage doors that have standard sizes. The standard size for a garage door is 9 feet wide by 7 feet high for single doors. For double doors, the standard size is 16 feet wide by 7 feet wide. Of course, there are kits that can be used for doors with non-standard sizes, but if this is the case, reflective foil type insulation now enters the scene.


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The power of the motor in automatic garage door openers

Another factor to consider is the power of the motor. It is important to check if the motor of an operator is able to lift the amount of force greater than the required force for the door to be moved. The door needs attention when it sinks when lifted by hand. Make it a point to be sure that the machine is working beyond its limitations or the door’s requirement for it. If your door is 8 inches wide, it is a convention to use a motor with a rate of around 45 kilograms pulling force. Larger doors should have more pulling force.

Safety and security are two essential concerns that should be stressed out. There are brands of automatic garage door openers that incorporate safety protection systems. Although it can add up to your expenses, it can furnish you a heightened safety not only to your garage but also to your family. It is still your prerogative whether you will go for the basic or the enhanced yet costly operators.

Automatic garage door openerIf in case you are alarmed and you think it security issues are up for grabs, you can go for automatic garage door openers that have automatic locking system. There are systems that have code blockers that prevent others to copy your security code. Above all of these factors is your own initiative to keep your garage secured and safe. Installing the right kind of operator for your garage is one thing that should always be your starting point in your schemes. Automatic garage door openers will then surely pave its way to making your life more convenient, safe and sound.

Having an automatic garage door opener

Have you ever experienced going home from work one cold evening and you felt bored going out of your car just to tediously open your garage door? Well, isn’t it much more interesting to have a welcoming feel with a garage door that opens automatically with just a press of a button? Having installed an automatic garage door opener requires you to consider important points.

Automatic garage door openerYou can choose from an array of openers whatever the type of garage door floors coatings you have: be it a canopy, a retractable, a side hinged or a sectional door. Most of the people nowadays are conscious about the power consumption of automatic garage door openers. This is oftentimes the hindrance of buying one. However, most of the modern door openers have energy-efficient and low voltage DC motor. It is recommended to choose an operator with toroidal transformer because it consumes low amount of energy.

If you are mulling over the noise that automatic garage door openers can produce, worry no more, because chain drive technology advancements have already created chain-driven openers that operates noiselessly. A great feature is the start and soft stop that many door openers have these days. This was made in order to diminish the stress on the door. It also generates the motor into full speed without sacrificing its reliability. Your family as well as your neighbors will not be disturbed by the usual annoying sounds that opening garage doors create.

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How to Avoid Accidents in the Garage

A home accident does not necessarily have to occur inside the house for you to be cautious enough and take extra measures on improving your housekeeping. While, there are truly many accidents that happen inside the house itself, there are also accidents that happen in the garage. That part of your house that seems to be least unnoticed could be the scene of the accident later on. The idea of having accidents is definitely something you do not like to imagine, but learning how to avoid accidents in the garage is for the sake of the whole family.

Look for any leaked fluid
One of the most hazardous areas of your garage is the floor. Whenever you keep your car in the garage, there is the tendency of having the fluid of your automobile to seep into the floor without you discovering it. If you are not going to check for any leaked fluid before you leave the garage, it will simply lose its moisture and make the floor slippery. Prevent any slip accident by regularly checking the floor of the garage. It may consume a minute of your precious time before work, so make sure you prepare for work as early as possible.

Do not leave loose items
Loose items might get into the way of someone who walks into the garage or heavy objects might fall onto him. In order to prevent having someone trip over something, be sure that the space is free from wires and any other obstacles that make it hard for a person to get his way into the garage. Keep heavy objects against the wall instead of storing them anywhere in the middle of the room or high up in the air.

Keep poisonous materials out of reach
Keeping poisonous materials such as chemicals and cleaning agents out of reach is not only applicable to children. Adults may also misrepresent a can of pesticide as paint thinner for example. In order to avoid any accidents involving poisonous materials, store them in a stored place that can be locked. Garage cabinets are the best places for any material that must not be reached or taken easily. Also, do not forget to label them properly so that no one would get confuse one for another.

Fix the lighting
With a garage that has poor lighting, any kind of accident is very likely to occur. Make sure that the light in the garage is good enough for things to be seen easily. If there is any problem with your light fixtures, repair them immediately. Set up a number of lights depending on the essential areas of the garage.

Most importantly, secure a first aid kit in your garage. Accidents might happen without you realizing that you were not prepared. This is why it is always best to know how to avoid accidents in the garage for the safety of the entire household.

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How to repair garage door

A garage door is something that you open, not from the side like your typical house door, but from the bottom upwards. It uses a sliding or vertical swinging door concept that uses multiple sections all bundled up together and resting on a spring tension mechanism. This mechanism is the main reason why it automatically springs upward once opened and curls snugly when the door is fully swung open. But all mechanisms are prone to failure one time or another, and learning how to repair garage doors would always be necessary in the long run.

Which part of the garage door mechanism is faulty? This is the first thing that you should find out when the garage door isn’t working properly. You can test this out by attempting to open or close the garage door and observing the door mechanism while it is open.

Close the garage door first to let the metal track uncurl itself from the mechanism. Check if the metal tracks if they are rolling smoothly. If the problem is in the mechanism itself, observe the parts that are not working properly, rearrange or replace the parts, and try testing the garage door again. If you see that the metal track itself is out of place, carefully remove the track from the mechanism, and reinstall it again. If you see small repairable dents in the track, try pound them back into place using a mallet. Finally, if the tracks are already in bad shape and are unable to function properly no matter what kind of fix you do, then consider replacing them with a new set of metal tracks altogether.

If you see that the nuts and bolts are in place and the track is still in pretty decent shape without too much deformation, then the problem probably lies in the friction of the mechanical parts. Try to apply lubricating fluid to fix this problem. Needless to say though, it would be a lot easier (and a lot less messy) to apply the lubricating fluid while the door is closed and the metal tracks are unrolled.

Try to check and see if there are any mechanical parts that have become loose over time. Be sure to tighten and rearrange each of these parts properly, and to re-check the door again if it would work fine after fixing these parts. If you see one side of the door malfunctioning, or sagging due to the loose or misplaced parts, make sure to reinstall these parts properly again. There are some parts that have become completely unusable over time (old hinges, very rusted bolts), you must also be able to see these parts and replace them accordingly.

So, as you can see, there is practically no need to replace you garage door immediately after it got broken, you can just repair garage doors first. You just need to see what went wrong in the mechanism. Sometimes, it is the simplest of mechanical problems that causes your garage doors to malfunction.

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Garage Sale for All

We all wanted to find cheaper and useful furniture which will surely fit our budget. But then, do we ever instantly know where we could actually find low cost furniture? Yes, malls are giving out sales and some discounts for very specific furniture, but then, most of the time, these discounts are not enough for us to be able to afford them. It is not necessary to buy new furniture at all times because nowadays, buying new and expensive things are not practical enough for living. This is the main reason why all of us must be open with some other options on where are the best places to find budget furniture. Buying low cost or second hand furniture won’t degrade our personality; we are just being practical enough to look for some things that we need which are not that pricey for us to be able to save some amount too. Like for instance, we are going to relocate and we don’t have much money to spend to buy new furniture to be used in our new house.

We could then simply visit a flea market or even a garage sale of a neighbor and buy some of our needed items there. This is a very great way to save a huge amount of money, have your needed furniture, and at the same time, be able to help our neighbor earn some amount from their old and yet useful things. The words garage sale doesn’t mean that the things that are being sold there are things that are too old and can’t be useful for others. Because in reality, garage sales are composed of those things that are not needed by others and yet are still sufficiently useful, and can give off service well.

The first one as mentioned above is the Garage Sale; this is just a few steps away from your home. The second one is the Flea Market, which is commonly held in large parking lot areas where vendors can place their things for sale, for the customers to be able to have the chance to choose among the items which product fits them and their budgets best. The third one is the Auction Houses; this is commonly being done online. This is where you are going to do some bidding for a particular product, but then, if there are no other bidders you can simply get the product you want at the lowest price ever. There are plenty of places to find furniture. We just have to have the will, patience and the guts to look for them for us to be able to buy some of our needed things at the most affordable bargains possible. Let us save some money while buying some new things for our new home.

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