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Choosing the Best Floor and Wall Covering Fabrics


Though the color, designs and the texture of different fabrics may vary, all of them provide warmth and charm to any room they grace. There are endless possibilities to mix and match your wall and floor coverings to bring out the best. Though fabrics were traditionally used to cover the walls, they have gracefully given way to the more practical and easy to use wallpapers. Today many retailers have papers and fabrics that have the same design or pattern for your convenience.


The following tips can help you to choose the best wall and floor covering fabrics for decorating your home.
The flooring should be chosen in accord with the room’s usage.
• If the room is going to see a lot of traffic, especially with high heels or dirty soles, it is better to choose hard and easy to maintain floorings like marble, tile or stone.
• In rooms where you prefer to walk barefoot, it is advisable to choose warm and comfortable carpet or even hardwood flooring.
• Also it is better to avoid paint in places where you expect a lot of people to walk about. Again, marble or tile flooring is best for these rooms.
• But before you finalize on any type of flooring, try to visualize their effect under the room’s lighting.
• Once your flooring is all done, make sure to take good care with proper maintenance if you want your carefully chosen flooring to last long.
• Also keep in mind the dimensions of the room and how much floor and wall covering they will need. This is very important, as they can affect your budget and ultimately the style and design.
Laminated floor

• Make sure to choose the wall and floor covering simultaneously as they should blend well or complement each other to enhance the ambience of a room.
• Fabrics can be employed to provide soundproofing in particular rooms where noise is an issue, like a game room.
Curtains and blinds can make any room exotic or rustic or they can used to create whatever mood you desire with appropriate lighting.

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