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Cozy Rooms and Warmer Ambiance


Large rooms may seem to be comfortable, for you get to move around anytime you want without bumping into furniture or breaking a vase. However, you would soon realize that having a large room may create a feeling of isolation. Large space may instill a feeling of emptiness to your family. Now, here are 10 ways to make a large room cozy. And by cozy, it means really means comfort and relaxation.

Rustic and cozy style bedroom

1. You can make a large room cozy by maximizing every space that you have. Instead of placing furniture far from each other, why not put it in one area to avoid excess of space? It may mean a little cramped, yes, but having a cramped space gives the feeling of belonging, of being just one step away from something or from somebody.
2. You can play along with colors. Those that are cozy to the eyes are the shades closest to flesh, like the different shades of brown, gold, the color of the wood. Imagine going inside a coffee shop. Most coffee shops have a cozy interior to make it relaxing to the eyes of the customers. They use these particular shades in their sofas, walls, and tables. You, too, can apply this to your home. Cozy colors are best in the living room and the bedroom.
3. Put in wooden large, wooden furniture. The wooden color of these furniture is good to the eyes, and the size of the furniture will also take up some space.
4. Surround an area with other home decorations such as with a nature theme. If you surround your living room with plants, the coziness of environment will also be felt by your family.
5. If you opt to paint your walls, you can choose from the cozy shades of brown and gold and flesh. You must avoid plain colors, as they are boring, and would also emphasize the large size of your room.
6. If you want to use wallpapers, you can check on patterned, cozy-shaded designs available at the department store. You must avoid horizontal patterns as they also emphasize size.
7. Since a large room may appear too boring and empty, you can fill in some home decorations that would certainly create a feeling of relaxation. They are usually called “feel-good objects.” You can hang some chimes, feel-good plants, and old photos.
Warm living room

8. To take up some space of your large room, you can have a part of it designed with landscape. You can install a fountain or falls on one part of the room because the sound of flowing water is really cozy.
9. You can have a dimmer shade of lights, especially at night. Soft yellow and red can really be cozy.
10. Have some cozy music playing softly in the large room.

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