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Creative Ideas to Make Your Plain Window Roller Shades Fun!


Ever looked at your window and stared at those really boring plain roller shades? Ever wondered where you could possibly find ideas for customizing window roller shades? Look no further! This article will give you a few suggestions on how to get started.

Window roller shade

First, think of all the possible colors you can use that would go well with the entire room the roller shades are in. Match the colors you will use with the room including its walls and fabric. Acrylic paint should be used when hand painting your roller shades and remember not to apply the paint too thickly to avoid cracking and flaking once they dry. Before you start painting the shade, pull it down and then put a pencil mark where the top section of the shade joins the roll. The pencil mark will specify the limit of where you have to paint. If you do not do so, an important part of your design mural will disappear into the roll, rendering your creation incomplete.

You have the option to paint a mural on your roller shades (use a projector to blow up the image on the shades to help you) or just paint freehand simple designs like dots, stars, stripes, etc. If freehand painting sounds too difficult to you, you may want to use stencils to trace the mural or simple designs before painting for a uniform effect. You have the freedom to personalize your shades with designs that reflect your lifestyle and interests. Paint a guitar, ballet shoes, a baseball diamond, a club scene, Japanese temples, Che Guevara – you name it. It is décor that can be integrated into a room that has a theme.

Green window roller shade


The first step in decorating your shades with fabric is to purchase fabric that matches your room’s interior decoration as well as adhesive spray, and extras such as trimmings and tassels. Next, unroll your window shade onto a table and cut out a piece of fabric half an inch bigger than your shade on all four sides. Spray one side of the roller shade with the adhesive spray and then place the fabric over it to make it stick to the shade. It is advised that you cut away the fabric overlapping the shade for a clean look. The last step is to add the extras – buttons, beads, tassels, sequins, ribbon, etc. – to the bottom part of the shade. Reminder: Embellish only the last few inches of the shade’s lower portion or else you might hinder it from functioning properly. Once finished, roll the shade back up, install it and it is once more ready to use.

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