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Precious and priceless Ceramic Mural Tiles


Tiles made of ceramic have been in use for a long time in ancient Egypt, Babylonia and China. But the ceramic mural tiles used in America is based on the Moroccan tile pattern which dates back to the 13th century. Though it has occupied a part of the décor for many years it was not used regularly and it reached the pinnacle only during the 1920s when the Arts and Crafts movement was at its high. Due to the change in the perception nowadays, with the arts and crafts age being seen with renewed interest, these tiles are now very much in vogue. Interior decorators, artisans and architects have begun to view these ceramic murals with a fresh look and are incorporating it into their wall décor with stunning success.

Ceramic mural ideal for the kitchen

The production of the ceramic mural tile is a very intrinsic art and needs thorough study of the earlier tiles that were in use. The type of clay used and the various types of paints all differ and should be learnt thoroughly. The ceramic murals need special firing techniques and also instruments like kilns which should be studied completely before embarking on producing one. Total dedication is needed to make it a real success. This is what many artisans who specialise in ceramic mural tiles do. They engage in constant research of the various changes in the tile design and pattern and try to create innovative and novel designs using the latest development in technology. They give a new look to the ancient tile patterns with the help of recent advancement in the firing and curing processes.
Ceramic mural in blues

These mural tiles often come with a high price tag which most people find very hard to digest. But if you come to know about the various technical details that goes into the preparation process of these tiles, then the price will not seem very high. As is the case with all hand made and intricate patterns, these tiles too require a lot of work to make them look authentic and attractive without losing the classic beauty they personify. Some artisans price as much as sixty dollars for an hours’ work of making these tiles to the specifications given by the customers. If you get a chance to come by one of these ceramic mural tiles do not forget to think of the work that goes into the making of the tile and the amount of effort the artisans have to put to create such a masterpiece. The high price would not matter to you and you will regard the ceramic tile that graces your wall with profound pride and pleasure.

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