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Decorating your 2-story Window with Style


It is such a pleasant site that you have a two story house with a two story windows to match. However dressing a window that is 15 feet high can be a very difficult to dress. Designing it the custom way can be one of your solutions. Here are some ways that you can dress up these windows on your own. These are treatments that can make your two story window look beautiful and unique with your own taste and style.

Window decorative curtains

The first thing that you can do is to purchase window scarves that can be purchased in 6 yards length. You can hang these scarves on a pole or you can use it as a window panel. The panels may be available in different fabrics like the sheer, silks or velvet. Then you can design it with you personal touch. Have it beaded, add jewels or add weights that may look good at the bottom part of the panel. The weight would prevent it from blowing into the room.

If you cannot find the right scarves that you are looking for, it is better to purchase a fabric and then you can sew it yourself. Estimate the length of the fabric that you may need. Add lining to the fabric of your choice to prevent it from fading. You can also sew the side of the fabric if it does not have the attractive side seams and prevent from buying fabrics whose sides cannot be sewn.

Decorative window shelve

Another option for you is to make gradient light curtain panels by making a series of panels or coordinating window panels. You can buy a 6 foot sheer window panel, a silk window panel and a six foot velvet panel that are of same colors or colors that coordinate well with each other. This kind of panel may allow you to have an effect that will allow you to have the light filtered a lot of times and have a little light coming from the center of the panel. To make it look better, remove the headers and the hem sectio9ns of your panel before attaching them. You can choose different colors of your choice; it is just a matter of color coordination.

In hanging your panel, you can either choose to cover the whole of the window or add panels in between them to give it an accent. If you want to have curtains that can open and close, you need to make a full window treatment and have tiebacks at the bottom of the panel because it would be very hard for you to reach the poles to adjust the curtains. These are just some of the things that you can do to treat your 2 story window and give it the look that would surely add beauty to your home.

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