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Decorating your Bathroom with your Own Design and Accessories


Next to one’s personal bedroom, there is perhaps no better room to spend a lot of time in than in the bathroom. Yes, you know where this is going. Although the bathroom’s probably the smallest room in the entire house, some people like to peruse a magazine or a book while they are in there.

Also, a lot of people enjoy a nice bath after a stressful day, some simply pamper themselves inside and some sing better while inside the bathroom because of the acoustics. Admit it, it’s a nice place to be in (that is, given that it’s well-maintained and well-decorated).

But how exactly do you decorate to make this room more enjoyable? Well, here are some tips to get you closer to that blissful bathroom escapade.

Important to keep in mind:

Before you get too excited in decorating, make a checklist of your bathroom essentials, that is, the basics inside a this room: the sink, toilet, a tub (if you opt to have one), and the shower area. When you decorate a bathroom, it doesn’t have to burn your pockets and wallets

Plumbing issues? Find a manual and try to learn the plumbing basics, or just ask for help from a neighbor instead of hiring a plumber. Accidents can happen anywhere in the home. Besides the kitchen, the bathroom could also be a dangerous place to be if you don’t choose the right flooring. A wet slip could cause great damage, especially if there are elders living with you. 

Decorating with accessories

Bathrooms are usually the last place in one’s mind when decorating is concern. However, it is important that it is pleasing for you to enjoy your bathing. In designing your bathroom, you can always be creative and resourceful by just having your accessories to decorate your bathroom!

It is essential to check the room itself so you can decide for a theme to your bathroom. The most common and funny expedient that I can suggest decorating your bathroom are frogs, fish, flowers, tropical and beach scenes. Some individuals don’t like to have theme with their bathroom then I suggest that you just have to think of the best color that suits your taste.

If you choose colors of the same tone then you are up to create an illusion of greater space. If you are more of bright, strong and exciting colors (such as red) then your budget are save for accessories and towels.

Yet accessories are ponderous to enhance the beauty of your shower area. The bathroom accessories that certainly matched to your chosen theme that is easy to create on your own are soap with soap dish and shower curtain. Bathing is more enjoyable if you actually spawn your own soap. You have to procure a block of glycerin melt-and-pour clear colored soap.

For the mold, you can use is a purchased shape of miniature that suits to your theme in which the soap can be embedded. Accord directions in how to melt the glycerin then pour the glycerin to your chosen mold. When it started too frigid but not completely hardened, you have to place substance into soap mix and cover with the remaining mixture. The last step is to make it cool completely before you remove it from mold by popping out of a purchased mold.

A friendly soap dish is a good match to your soap. You juts have to recycle a wood from a small tangerine or orange crate to create soap dish. Wood should be use in a soap dish because it acquiesce the glycerin soap to dry quicker between uses and perpetuates the life of the bar of soap.

You need a pair of heavy-duty craft cutters to cut five ½” strips each with approximately three inches long. Cut two more strips each with approximately four inches long after then lay the three-inch strips spaced evenly, across the two four-inch strips before you staple in place.

Paper shower curtains

Before you get confused, these “paper curtains” aren’t literally paper. This is a new type of trendy curtain called rice paper shower curtains. Rice paper shower curtains are vinyl-based and it resembles the texture and opaque appearance of an actual rice paper.

Colors are usually white or a calming shade of green. Rice is a staple food in Asian countries so rice paper shower curtains became associated with Asian or Oriental themed bathrooms. They complement other bathroom décor particularly artificial bamboo plants and real rice paper placed on windows.

A common color of rice paper curtains is white and since it’s neutral, it goes well with different color palettes. Given the semi-transparent appearance of the curtain, it looks great with pastels and soft hues. It will also neutralize loud colors or large prints in the bathroom should you ever have any.

However, if you want to experiment with patterns to add more life to the simple colors the shower curtains you are free to do so. Place the curtains against the towels, bathroom mats or other accessories so you will have a virtual idea of how the pieces will come together. Just keep in mind that this type of curtains will always tone down any color or print you match it with.

Paper shower curtains look unique

For a more polished look, most people choose rice paper curtains. It appears more elegant and it allows more light because of its translucence. It’s perfect for small to medium sized bathrooms or for those bathrooms with no windows. Rice paper shower curtains look unique and not to mention calming. They’re easy to match because of the neutrality of their colors. They look great against any wall color so it will be easier to decorate because you can match the accessories to the curtains and not necessarily the walls.

When choosing the curtains, you might want to stay away from patterns if you have a small bathroom because it will make the room too full. The simplicity and elegance of the rice paper curtain will carry the entire room. Although there are rice paper curtains with prints which are usually floral.

The femininity of the curtains provides the bathroom a laid-back feel. Another plus from using rice paper shower curtains is the price. They are easy to find and are pretty cheap unlike most the typical shower curtain found in department stores. You can even purchase these curtains in online shops.

When it comes to cleaning and washing, a lot of curtains require a curtain liner. Rice paper shower curtains, since it is made from vinyl, do not need to make use of a curtain liner. You can easily wipe it clean using a sponge or wet cloth. If you’re a minimalist of if you’re looking for a unique bathroom decorating idea, rice paper shower curtains are for you.

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