Decorating your Bathroom with your Own Design and Accessories

Bathrooms are usually the last place in one’s mind when decorating is concern. However, it is important that your bathroom is pleasing for you to enjoy your bathing. In designing your bathroom, you can always be creative and resourceful by just having your accessories to decorate your bathroom!

It is essential to check the room itself so you can decide for a theme to your bathroom. The most common and funny expedient that I can suggest decorating your bathroom are frogs, fish, flowers, tropical and beach scenes. Some individuals don’t like to have theme with their bathroom then I suggest that you just have to think of the best color that suits your taste. If you choose colors of the same tone then you are up to create an illusion of greater space. If you are more of bright, strong and exciting colors (such as red) then your budget are save for accessories and towels.

Yet accessories are ponderous to enhance the beauty of your shower area. The bathroom accessories that certainly matched to your chosen theme that is easy to create on your own are soap with soap dish and shower curtain. Bathing is more enjoyable if you actually spawn your own soap. You have to procure a block of glycerin melt-and-pour clear colored soap. For the mold, you can use is a purchased shape of miniature that suits to your theme in which the soap can be embedded. Accord directions in how to melt the glycerin then pour the glycerin to your chosen mold. When it started too frigid but not completely hardened, you have to place substance into soap mix and cover with the remaining mixture. The last step is to make it cool completely before you remove it from mold by popping out of a purchased mold.

A friendly soap dish is a good match to your soap. You juts have to recycle a wood from a small tangerine or orange crate to create soap dish. Wood should be use in a soap dish because it acquiesce the glycerin soap to dry quicker between uses and perpetuates the life of the bar of soap. You need a pair of heavy-duty craft cutters to cut five ½” strips each with approximately three inches long. Cut two more strips each with approximately four inches long after then lay the three-inch strips spaced evenly, across the two four-inch strips before you staple in place.

When it comes to shower curtain, you only need to purchase two economical shower curtain liners in which one is clear and the other is one light color that reciprocate well with your theme. Start your design with the light colored liner with the use of sponge and paint from the cups. Once the decorated liner dry laid it to the clear liner over it and if desired, you can sew it completely around the edges. Otherwise, you can just hang the two curtains together.


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