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Decorating your Kids Rooms with Bright Hues


Decorating your kids rooms is a more complex task than it seems, especially if you are one of the people who have given up their inner child. But even for expert decorators it is difficult, so you should not feel bad if you realize that the whole thing seems to be overcoming your abilities.

The problem arises because sometimes we want to decorate so that we like ourselves, however; we forget that this is not our room, but that of a completely different person.

If you are having trouble decorating your kids rooms, then pay close attention to the following article; we, the team Decorating Visita Casas, we bring you the solution to your problem.

The Secret to Decorate the Kids Rooms

kids rooms
kids rooms

There is a key factor, not to decorate, but to save you many problems in the future; remember this always: your kid’s favorite pinup or color is going to change every other week. And many times, it can change every hour, if she/he is coloring.

Remember that children are discovering things, each experience is more exciting than the previous, in addition; they can not stop experimenting with everything they find, so things will never be quiet.

Keeping this in mind you can save a lot of hassles by selecting a general background on which you can use different accessories, rugs and other decorations to change the setting as and when you wish it. To decorating the kids rooms you will need an entirely different perspective when compared to other rooms in your home.

And that’s something you should have from the first month of pregnancy. The big problem with the decoration of the children’s room is that initially the decoration was aimed at a baby.

Well, if that were the case, there really was not a long-term problem.

The real downside is that we decorate the baby’s room according to what we like to us.

We dress the babies with what we think is cute and also focus on many aspects without taking into consideration the baby’s opinion.

That is why, when that small person arrives and lets us know that has an opinion about something and that it differs with ours; the world seems to stumble under our feet and we realize the reality: they grow too fast.

That is why, the recommendation we make here at Decorating Visita Casas; is to maintain a neutral color as a base at all times when painting the room.

Use the accessories and toys to modify the decoration of the room, but try not to be so radical with the colors; because the moment you change them, you may fall into a circle where your child is always “bored” by the new color and you have to change it again.

The Toys in the Kids Room

kids rooms
kids rooms

The child bedroom should reflect their personality and you have to think ahead as their personality changes as they grow up. So come up with a layout that could be changed in a year or two. Also, look out for things like storage space for the growing collection of their toys and whether you have enough room for a sleepover.

Never disregard you child while decorating their room. Even if you know what’s best for the; discuss the decorating ideas with them and note down their likes and dislikes.

After all, your aim is to create a space for them to enjoy. If you are planning to start before they are born; always keep in mind that you will be redecorating their room in a few years.

Decorating a kid’s bedroom is an ongoing project, so prepare yourself to deal with it. But, keep in mind that the decoration does not have to be modified, but enlarged according to the needs that it has. My personal advice is to teach your child at an early age to say goodbye to toys.

Donate toys or sell them to acquire something bigger, more expensive or really wanted; that will make he/she grow with good values on the cost of living and thus avoid having a cemetery of old toys.

But always try to keep a large variety of interactive toys in the children’s room to their full disposal. Toys with a very important part in the development of their characters and values.

To want to imitate our hero and to discover new things through an artifact made to measure is, without a doubt; one of the most rewarding experiences.

Or did you forget your favorite toys?

The important thing is that when they reach a certain age, they know where these toys come from, the effort involved in acquiring it and; to learn to let go of them and not cling to anything material.

That way you will give society an independent adult with really important ambitions, those that go beyond money.

Decorating a Kid Room

You can let your imagination run wild in their room. Take care to choose water resistant and semi-gloss paint as the walls are going to need frequent cleaning. For storage; instead of choosing ready-made cabinets, you can look out for the do-it-yourself cabinet centers where you can custom fit the cabinets to your needs and requirements. It will also work out cheaper than the store bought ones.

As your childs grows and explores new things, their surroundings should reflect their changing personalities. Moreover, redecorating their room once in a while is an exciting project for them and for you.

Never forget to include your child while brainstorming for new ideas with which to revamp their territory. But do not make the process of redesigning the room a routine to repeat every two months.

Although to say that redecorating the child’s room every year would be a still very short period of time; what you can think about (always with him being present) is to add new accessories to make the room grow. Furniture in this sense plays a very important role. Although the transition phase of 4 to 9 years focuses much on the toys that help to develop their creativity.

When they reach the stage of 9 to 13 years; furniture can become a problem.

From the Kids Rooms to the Teen Bedroom

The recommendation that we give you here in Decorating Visita Casas, is that you acquire furniture that is able to grow with the child. From cribs that convert to beds, to cabinets with many drawers that can be used to store more clothes and bigger each time; try to consider and cover everything you can with your budget when decorating the baby’s room.

The change from child to teenager will be difficult, for you and for them psychologically, for that; ensure that you have a comfortable environment in which to develop is a priority.

Many expenses occur at this stage, the least convenient is having to buy a new bed or a larger cabinet. If you have taught your child to expand and take advantage of space within their room. If you have taught him to get rid of the things he will no longer need to acquire new ones he wants and will need in the long run; then you will notice that the decoration is no longer a task in which you must intervene.

It is important that from this point you respect 100% the privacy of your child; let live the stages of adolescence and exteriorize them in the personalization of walls, sheets, furniture. You should only follow the same principle as before when you saw he/she painting the walls; but this time you will not be able to clean the “disaster” on the wall.

And if you did well, your child will consider that room as his sanctuary; and he/she will want to spend the last years of his adolescence within him under his own terms.

Of course, do not forget that from time to time you will need to remind them that it is still your home; luck with the decor.


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