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Home Design Tips: Sci-Fi Space Bedroom Theme


Exploring space in a shuttle, setting foot on the moon and other planets and even meeting friendly aliens from outer space, these are only some kid’s ultimate fantasies. For those whose kids are enthusiastic about the space and dreams of being an astronaut one day, this is for you. Your child’s bedroom is his most special personal space so redesigning it with his favorite stuff will make him a great amount of joy. Here are some tips and ideas to aid you in designing a Sci-Fi Bedroom for your child.

Space themed kids bedroom

Create Inter Galactic Walls and Ceiling
This takes skill and creativity; you may want to consider searching for pictures of the outer space for inspiration. For the stars, planets and other bright objects in space like comets and nebulas, use glow in the dark paint. This will make them visible in the dark resulting into a majestic view. Another great idea is to use glow in the dark stickers to form constellations in the ceiling. With the lights turned off, it will mimic the night sky.

Create a Rocket Ship-Inspired Bed
Now that the space is set you can now commence to the next part, creating the rocket ship. To do this get your child’s old bed and visualize a design of the rocket ship; attach wings, shuttle nose and boosters or anything that will make it look like a rocket ship. Be creative, you are free to do anything with it. For the parts and attachments, you can use any materials but it is most practical to use plywood because it is light, easy to work with and most importantly it’s cheap. Once finished paint it with your kid’s favorite color scheme. You can also personalize the bed by painting your kid’s name on the sides of the bed. Get pillow cases that resemble asteroids and planets. The bed sheets, comforters should be space-themed as well.

Rocket shaped furniture

Inter Planetary Shades
You can print images of planets and other heavenly bodies and print it on vinyl. The print out should be exactly the same size as your window, voila you now have a new shade. Remove the rollers from the old blinds and attach it to the new vinyl shade you made. Attach glow in the dark stickers for added effect. Once you have accomplished everything written above, you can say that the bedroom is now out of this world. Tap yourself in the shoulder and watch your child embark on a journey to outer space and beyond.

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