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Give a Classic Touch with Rustic Decor


When it comes to the theme of the décor, the picture that comes to our mind is a traditional Victorian mansion or a country house with all its splendour. This is because we still dream of castles and ranches and these traditional homes always are in vogue whatever the change in trend we might see. Rustic décor is a theme desired by many people while decorating their homes. The reason for this is the cosy and comfortable feeling of being at home that the rustic décor depicts.

Rustic style bedroom

Decorating your home or your office on rustic décor depends on what kind of look you have on your mind. You may favour a country house type replete with log cabins and farmhouses. Though the exact replica would be very unsuitable, designing your home with some of the décor on the lines of the rustic theme of your choice and blending it with your existing décor will be the best option. Authentic rustic décor themes are based on different time zones and you can pick a theme of your fancy, like a classic Victorian period theme or a country theme. Colonial themes are also in vogue.

If your choice is a country or colonial theme then your décor will be a practical and down to earth one. Hand made quilts and earthen pots go well with this type of décor. You can add some folk paintings which add to the rustic feeling. If you are an avid admirer of country themes then you can hang up some antler heads or bear heads which will be truly authentic and attract attention instantly. If you are for Victorian type décor you need to style your décor on stunning and fabulous designs which have intricate patterns done on them. Ruffled curtains, wicker baskets and magnificent table cloths and drapes make up the Victorian rustic theme. Artistically patterned wood furnishings and embroidered cloth furnishing will add effect to the theme.

Rustic styled kitchen

The rustic theme is liked by many because you can decorate your home fully on the theme or add bits of it to your regular home décor. Whichever way you choose, the rustic theme makes its presence felt. Try using rustic pieces of furniture to add the classic touch. A traditional chest of drawers, a grandfather clock or a wicker basket will give the room a traditional look. The main criteria in the rustic décor are to use as many natural products as possible. These make you feel the traditional set up unfold before your eyes. Rustic décor does not depend on any particular set of rules, so you can add anything and everything that makes you feel comfortable and also makes the room appealing and rustic.

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