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Selecting Decor for a Lodge or Cabin with a Rustic Theme


If you are the proud owner of a cabin retreat or a hunting lodge you can take this opportunity to decorate your get away location completely different from that of your buzzing city residence. There are a number of themed décors and other designs for you to choose from to create an ambience for your lodge or cabin that is in contrast to the décor in your main residence.

If the purpose of your cabin is to get away from your hectic lifestyle, then the more different your cabin is from your city dwelling the better and moreover you can choose a décor that will add to your sense of escapism. A change in environment is said to have the same effect as taking a good rest. When that change is made to the internal and external surroundings according to your wishes it will add to your relaxed mood that you aim in achieving during your weekend or vacation.

Lodge with a rustic style

If you are the owner of the cabin or lodge you can have a free hand in decorating and furnishing it to suit your vacation mood with all the comforts of your home. In case your city home is ultra-modern with sleek lines and bright contemporary interior décor, you can choose a rustic décor for your cabin retreat as an excellent contrast that blends well with its surroundings.

The best choice for your cabin retreat is the old vintage styles as it suits a lodge environment perfectly. The vintage styles suits a lodge better due to the generous use of wood, particularly the dark wood in furniture and other interior décor objects to achieve the rustic looks of a 16th century English country side cottage.
Even your furnishing fabrics, lighting and other interior necessities can be chosen to reflect the rustic atmosphere of a country cottage, which will work out perfectly for your hunting lodge or cabin. The kitchen décor too can be done to give a rustic look of the past but with all the modern amenities. Hang a few vintage pots and pans with matching hangers and place some rustic tables and chairs to add to the vintage theme. Today you can find rustic style ornaments, fittings, furniture or any kind of decorations that you want to add to your lodge to make it look as close to a country cottage style.

Rustic style

You can add a twist to your main vintage theme with a sub theme that blends well with the main theme as well as the surroundings of your lodge or cabin. You can look out for fabrics, decorations, wall hangings and other things that feature a deer or other animals that suits your hunting lodge. If your hideout is a cabin for nature watch and trekking then your sub theme can include decorative items that feature local flora and fauna.

With a little effort and your imagination you can transform your plain looking hunting lodge into something exotic that you can look forward to spend your leisure time in.

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