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Give Your Home the Natural Look with Native American Indian Art


Using earthy colours in the interior decoration has become the rage nowadays. People have started favouring natural, earthy colours as it gives them a sense of belonging. Native American Indian art is one such theme that is in vogue now. The essence of Native American Indian art, comprising of pieces of handcrafted wooden carvings, prints and pottery centres on nature with brown, red and yellow shades being predominantly used. This can be seen in the wood carvings of the Pacific Northwest region and the shades of grey used by the South.

Native american indian art

Excellent pieces of work can be seen in the Pacific Northwest region. The states of Oregon, Washington, British Colombia [Canada] and the southern part of Alaska form the Pacific Northwest region. This area has vast stretches of forests with an abundance of wood available for use in the carvings they specialize in. The wooden carvings done in bright hues or just given natural hues tend to dress up any room, be it the office, living room, bedroom, corridors or even bathrooms. These carvings come in shades of green, blue, brown and yellow which are all natural shades that blend with the natural styles of interior décor that is in use now.

Besides these wooden carvings and prints the Pacific Northwest Native American region also specializes in producing one of the most stunning and remarkable aboriginal masks. These masks when adorned on walls give the place a truly authentic and alluring look. Native American Indian art is based on the colours of nature like green, blue and brown. This can be seen in the numerous wooden carvings done by them. The theme of these carvings and prints is also based on nature like animals, trees and mountains. Eagles, thunderbirds, killer whales and salmons feature predominantly in their carvings. This North American Indian art when added to your home décor brings in an earthy ambience to your home and gives it a truly cool and trendy look. As the shades are all natural hues of brown, yellow green and blue they tend to match with almost all types of décor.

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The art pattern used by the North American Indians is authentic and confined to that area only and remains largely hidden to the rest of the world. Such splendid pieces when bought on one of your trips to these regions can embellish your home décor and make your interior decoration a unique one. You can also find these carvings, prints and masks in the art galleries or you can search for them online. Choosing a few of these works of art will add grace and sophistication to your interior decoration, giving it a more natural and earthy feel and bring in an element of nature into your home adding class and style that surpasses all your imagination.

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