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Hallways of most homes are usually left undecorated


Sadly, in Western culture the detail of decorating the hallways is completely ignored; many people spend their time, money and creativity on large or significant stays. However, it is obvious that however small the space of the entrance corridor may be; there is always space for beauty, and to create an atmosphere that prepares the guest both to leave and to enjoy their arrival.

How are you going to decorate your hallway? Of course, you do not really decorate a hallway near a room that does not really have any general design or motif, like for example; Hallways leading to basement rooms or closets. But decorating hallways can be just as rewarding as the decorating rooms themselves. Artworks depicting sceneries and landscapes are some of the best artwork to use to spice up you hallways; and if you want something more than wall candles and framed art, you might consider going for the most unusual type of decoration. We have tons of ideas for your hallway; would you like to know some of them?

Learn how to have a beautiful home from start to finish

[one_half_first]Small metal sculptures, which can easily be drilled onto your hallways’ walls can give that style and elegance that wall candles can provide; and sometimes even better. Motifs for metal sculptures like flower or botanical life are the most commonly used metal sculptures. Just do not forget to blend them into your rooms’ general theme. Special techniques on decorating by means of playing on an area’s focal point can also be applied to decorating hallways.[/one_half_first][one_half_last][/one_half_last]


Techniques like the wainscoting effect; Where you put your observer’s attention to the bottom half of the hallway’s walls rather than the entire wall itself, can be applied to further give style to your bland hallways.

But which technique is the best to choose? That is the most frequent question people ask; the second most frequent question is how much will it cost me? As we at Decorating Visita Casas we are accustomed to working with a tight budget; so do not worry, here we tell you all the secrets you need to know. Just remember the following: the hallway is the cheapest part of the house to decorate.

Identifying the type of aisle we have

The influence of form on decoration is something we cannot ignore; if we are in front of a straight corridor it could produce an overwhelming feeling of length. It may also be a corridor with an “L” end; In this case we do not have to worry about the depth unless it is very long, but the angle of rotation. This will be the one that attracts attention, so we must think of an element that allows you to appreciate it well from both directions.

The width is also important, if it has more than 1.2 meters; then we can place some furniture that allows us a space of at least 90 centimeters to walk freely. If you have a wide enough aisle, then you should consider recycling decorative elements; That is to say, to apply a decorative element of a stay to your corridor, thus you will maintain the harmony.

Some of these elements are:

  • Chests
  • Shelves
  • Shoemakers
  • Low Furniture
  • Chairs
  • Tables
  • Artworks

But remember that the corridors do not need furniture, their function is to communicate rooms; therefore, although the furniture you add may be functional, your main function will always be to decorate.

Lighting instead is very important in the corridors, there are many decorative possibilities that this gives us; but we have a point later focused solely on that aspect.

Optical illusions

The main problem when decorating a hallway is its length; greatly reducing the space to move you can create a feeling of suffocation or suffocation.

To avoid this, we must take into account some decorative tricks. The first one is to avoid the use of horizontal lines. Many people turn to wallpaper or other decorations on their walls; in the corridors it is necessary to take care of the subject of the orientation of the lines.

This rule also applies to lighting. If you choose to use fluorescent tubes, it is important not to place them in the direction of the corridor, this accentuates its length. Instead, if you place them perpendicular, you will make the corridor look brighter and shorter.

Wall fittings

Do not forget that any decorative element you place on the wall will be appreciated from a very short distance; to avoid a visual shock to anyone who admires it; you can use elements smaller than a painting.

In fact, you could skip the use of pictures and instead place small photographs; Items to hang things or the aforementioned chandeliers. Thus you will divide the distance of the corridor in different points of interest.


Although colors are a key element in decoration, the intensity of the tonalities will directly affect the spatial feeling. An intense color ceiling will appear to be located lower than it actually is; that is something that seldom interests.

Long walls should always be clear, so they will appear to be more separated; however, the end walls should be darker, or at least have darker complements.


The lighting should accentuate what we want to convey with our decoration. If we want to make a hallway look shorter, longer, taller, or have several points of interest; Lighting should reinforce that goal. If the bulbs illuminate towards the ceiling, you can create the feeling that the ceiling is actually higher; a very useful technique when you have a low ceiling.

Although applying the above concept to the inverse would make the ceiling look lower; the real way to deal with a very high ceiling is by placing a hanging lamp. Although you must take care of the width of the lamp, it is important that they always light down; so it will appear that the ceiling starts where the lamp is and not where it is fixed.

These lamps also help the corridors look wider; all you have to do is make sure they light up the walls. At this point we must talk about the candlesticks, it is true that they have the ability to “alter the ceiling height” but also the width of the hallway.

The less they protrude from the wall, the more efficiently they will fulfill their function of creating points of interest; since they will not be detracting from the corridor.

If you are lucky enough to have a natural light source that points directly to the aisle, take advantage of it! It is the perfect tool to create a good spatial division.

Place a plant, a chair and a reading table; Even if you will not use it, you will create a welcoming and welcoming atmosphere, as well as worship. All with a little natural light that can be reinforced at night by placing a lamp on the reading table or a lamp just above a candlestick.

What style is the most popular to decorate the hallways these days?

Nowadays the style is used a lot with minimal elements. Picture frames with thin black frames on a white wall. White and bright lights pointing from top to bottom and towards the walls. A long but not very wide table and, on the top of that, a plant with a message of welcome. It is the most economic and popular style, stands out for its versatility in allowing play with the tonalities of the decorative elements; and is characterized by being modular.

In any case, you should not bow to the most popular of the moment; Take advantage of the natural aura of your home and design a space with little money but with much love and hospitality.


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