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Hallway Makeovers: Introducing Design to Your Old, Boring Hallways


The Hallway of most homes are usually left undecorated. Not a strange fact, because their main function is to provide a way to other rooms in the house. But are they just limited to that purpose? Just being a passageway doesn’t mean that it can’t be decorated. Hallways also warrant proper decorating, just like any other part of any home.

The simplest way to decorate any hallway is to apply the same decorating theme of the adjacent rooms to the hallway itself. This could mean coloring the hallway to match the adjacent rooms’ theme or design. Common articles such as plants can also be put on your hallways, just make sure that they don’t get too much in the way. You can even paint the hallway walls with a different color than the rest of the rooms; but be sure that the color compliments the other rooms’ decorations nicely.

The entrance to your house also deserves to be beautiful

[one_half_first]Many people choose not to decorate the facade of the house or not to give much importance; either because of the weather or to maintain a low profile, the facade (including the door) is sometimes left out. However, what comes after the main door can no longer be considered facade or surface content. This is where most people misunderstand the hallway / hallway that precede the rest of the house.[/one_half_first][one_half_last][/one_half_last]

In fact, an undecorated hallway is the anteroom to a house; one well decorated is the antechamber to a home, and you already know the great difference that exists between a house and a home.

So if you want people to feel the aura of your home and feel welcome; here we will present several tips and tricks to decorate that space so far “dead” of your house.

Long, wide or small hallway?


Dimensions matter when decorating the hallway that precedes the rest of your house. It is very important that the free transit of all who arrive or leave is guaranteed; but without leaving the space empty.

Many times, we are not even talking about a true long hallway but rather use a 5 ‘square zone species. That allows us to include more elements, not only decorative but also functional.

In any case, what you should always try to have in the hallway of anteroom to your home; Are a series of functional elements that allow the guest to feel from the beginning, like at home.

A thin but ample table where to store the belongings is very well seen; while a place destined to leave the coats, umbrellas, hats and scarves, will add a touch of incomparable hospitality.

If you have enough space to place a table, then do not hesitate to add a plant on it; the green tone and the contact with nature will make you feel more welcoming the place.

And finally, another very important aspect is the intensity of the lighting. Try to be light; a warm light will allow them to talk for a few more minutes before saying goodbye without feeling uncomfortable.

Choosing a Style

If just copying the other rooms’ theme is not enough for you or if you want a more functional way of decorating your hallways; you may want to try putting small decorations on the walls. Objects like wall candles add that stunning elegance and beauty, and with that faint flickering light; Adds an ambience that you can never feel with any other decorating style in your home.

On the other hand, if the decorative style of your house is a minimalist style, then you could make an aura of Genkan; Taking the Japanese style guides, you could create the perfect multicultural and minimalist environment.

Economic elements to decorate the hallway

The economy is something very important to consider, you can have a cozy and elegant space and at the same time save. Or at least not overspend.

When we think about economic elements but that continue to cause a great visual impact, we have to take into account mainly the illumination.

Beyond the intensity of illumination; the quality of the main hall lamp could immediately define the feelings we want to convey to our guests.

It is important that you take into account the height of the ceiling and the distance from the light output to the main door. A very ostentatious lamp will make people feel oppressed just entering the house; while a very small one will simply go unnoticed.

But if you invest the most of your budget in the decorative aspect of lighting, you will immediately notice a change in the hallway; and from there you can choose what other items to add.

As always, plants are very economical and decorative. You can also consider adding a mirror; As long as it is not directly in front of the door, it should not be left behind when the door is opened.

Does the dynamic change if it is an apartment?

The short answer to this concern that many people usually have is yes, yes it changes. Why exactly? Well, having an apartment, you must consider another very important aspect: the panoramic view.

The apartments have an additional decorative element, and it is a bird’s eye view. Whether it’s in the city, neighborhood or a natural landscape.

The detail is that, if the aisle has as a purpose a window from which you can see the view as soon as you enter; it is important that the decorative arrangement you implement is in harmony with that view.

This can be really complex, especially when the colors of the view change at night. At this point, you should not only take into account the corridor only, but that point that people observe at the end as they walk.

A good way to maintain harmony is by combining the colors and shades of the furniture or other decorative elements that you have placed; with the curtains that dress the windows that people see when they arrive.

Creating this harmony will make it easier to tolerate transition, not just from the moment the person leaves the elevator to enter your apartment; But from leaving the hall to enter the room.

Final details to beautify the hallway

The decorative elements to take into account and that will give a beautiful aspect to your corridor is:

Wall cladding: These will add character and better plot the way to decorative level; People will feel welcome and guided by the same walls.

A table with drawers: Allow your guests to leave all their belongings in a safe and invisible place. That way you will forget about them and you will really enjoy them.

A place for coats: Even if your guests do not wear coats; having a place of easy access to them and to the umbrellas will allow you to offer them one in such case that the climate requires it. They will feel well taken care of until the end and will have one more reason to return.

Pictures or photographs: Being able to appreciate art as soon as it arrives will create a sense of calm and tranquility in people’s minds. Just be sure not to overdo it with the frames, especially if the hallway is not very wide.

A plant: As with frames, try not to be too overwhelming in size, especially not to avoid walking freely. But remember that, however small the plant, it will always invite communion and help create an aura where one breathes life.


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