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Home Décor and the Use of Natural Colors


Sophistication and elegance is the perfect combination for your home decor. Natural colors can help you achieve a beautiful masterpiece, particularly in the living room and garden areas. Experimenting with different textures in natural colors and natural fibers will instill peaceful ambiance. The use of various textures of natural colors on some sections of the house like floors, walls and even furniture will create an elegant and classic look. You can choose from traditional grays, whites, hues of blues, muted reds, browns, yellows, greens, and earth tones. Careful synchronization of these colors will turn your home in a most amazing work of art. Here are some of the helpful tips to guide you in decorating your home with the use of natural colors.

Cream colored walls may look bland and lifeless, but this is the best color that matches any kind of fixture that you choose to install. It is the safest color to match with curtains and draperies. And if you would rather go for a simpler and more peaceful atmosphere, the colors of beige and off white for furniture give a soothing effect to the room. For a warmer atmosphere and a touch of a countrified effect, shades of brown, black and rust will best to suit your taste.

Just remember that your room should be a harmony of natural colors, so everything you choose must be synchronized to give a pleasant effect to your room. Curtains, draperies, pillows and slipcovers should match the room’s theme.

For a natural wooden floor, cream or brown rugs would be the best match. And if you prefer carpets, beige will create a natural background around your home. Natural stone surface rugs or carpets are best in kitchens and bathrooms and even in the garden.

As much as possible, avoid over-accessorizing. Discard furniture or accessories that may look unappealing as part of your home. A piece of artwork mounted on one of your walls, lamps, vases, etc. should all coordinate with the scheme. Avoid mixing artificial tints with the natural based colors; it will distort the theme of your home. Simpler choices often emphasize elegance and beauty.

Another great way to accentuate the elegant look of your house is by the use of central lighting which diffuses light into every corner of your room. Proper installation of your home lighting will add another cool ambiance especially at night.

If you want Mother Nature as part of your peaceful home, indoor plants are great to emphasize harmony inside your house. This is much more helpful than using artificial plants, because natural plants help to promote good air circulation inside the house. Fresh plants planted in small pots are also great as centerpieces or if placed in windows.

Natural colors are a good choice when considering the overall theme of your home’s décor, since they can be readily matched with undertone colors like pink, or peach, tan, gold or yellow, or even the hues of blues. Mixing natural colors can vary the theme but still maintain the elegant look of your home. Use these natural hues to achieve the best look for your home.

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