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How can I Keep my Dogs Cool in the Summer


People say that dogs are men’s best friend. You can tell him all your secrets, whims and caprices and rest assured afterwards that this will never spread like those you have shared to your human friends. A lot of stories that dogs can save human lives are very interesting huh, but these are sometimes true. As such, wouldn’t it be nice to give back the favour? How about taking care of them and thinking of their welfare once in a while?

Summer days remind us the glory of living on earth. You can think of any activity that you can spend your time with like shopping, skiing, beach hopping; name it and you’ll definitely have it during summertime. But despite these luxurious activities, people are aware of so many death cases during this season. Some causes of deaths are fever, heat stroke and other heat related illnesses. But don’t you know that not only humans experience this kind of thing? Even the dogs do experience such illnesses and reported cases of heat stroke among dogs are increasing almost every year.

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Knowing these things are not enough. You should do something to keep your pet safe during summertime. You maybe frequently asking yourself, “hey, how can I keep my dogs cool in summer?” Worry no more because you will be learning much on how to answer this question. You don’t need to hesitate to bring your dog outside or at least leave it alone at home because of worrying about its health. The following are some suggested tips you can do to take care of your best friend.

• Be sure to create extra shade for your dog
Make sure to bring canopy, umbrella or anything that can provide your dog an extra shade against the direct sunlight. Remember that unlike the old days, direct exposure to sunlight is now a threat to your health.

• Do exercise regularly

Exercise every day. Do your programs with your dog regularly. You can play with it and do anything with your dog but be sure not to tire him so. Remember that they easily overheat so slow walking or brisk but short running will be fine.

• Limit direct exposure to sunlight
Direct and long exposure to sunlight is dangerous. A dog can develop skin diseases too and cancer like everyone else, so do not let it expose itself to sunlight. This case is common to the dogs with thin fur.

• Bring more water that you expected to use
Refill the dog’s bowl of water more often than necessary. Also, make sure to place the bowl under a shade of tree or umbrella to protect your pet.

• Take your dog as much as possible
Do not leave your dog alone at home. As much as possible, take him with you every time you go out especially if you are going to spend your summer outside and will take time to go back home. This way, you can monitor your dog. But take note that you should not leave him in one place for a long period of time like in the car or somewhere you won’t see him.

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• Avoid shaving the fur of your dog

Never shave your dogs during summertime because fur acts like an insulator and natural sunscreen that will keep them cool. This will also help prevent heat stroke.

• Always check on him
Always check if your dog is doing fine. Take time to look at them and check their safety at all times. Do not expect dogs bark to you whenever they feel wrong.

• Feed your dog on time
Don’t forget to feed your dog on time. Even humans get sick for late meals, how much more the animals?

With all these tips to take care of your dog, there’s no other way to hinder you from going out. No need to worry about them because you can take them with you anytime of the day. Enjoy your vacation to the fullest!

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