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How do I eliminate cigarette smoke from my apartment?



The smell of cigarette is one of the most annoying in the world, both for smokers and non-smokers, especially for those reformed smokers, not to mention how uncomfortable it is for pregnant women.

The worst of the case is that it is one of the smells that adheres the most on fabrics, furniture and even glasses. Therefore; a house of a sloppy smoker will always smell of cigarettes.

If you are one of the people who hate this smell or even if you are a smoker but you do not want to live under that stigma, here at Decorating Visita Casas we share several solutions to eliminate it once and for all.

Get Rid of Cigarette Odor Once and for All


The best advice we can give you is: stop smoking cigarettes. It is a vice that affects your health, your image and your economy. There are a few less harmful alternatives such as electronic cigarettes, although it will mean a constant drain of money anyway.

But since we know it is not something we could or should force you to do so and there is still the possibility that you have to deal with the smell without being a nonsmoker.

We will give you a group of solutions that won’t be bad at all even if you decide to go a bit on the extreme while applying them; after all you’re facing a very strong problem.

The best thing about this group of solutions is that they are not at all costly, at least not all of them. They simply require a little discipline and intensity when applied. But everything will depend on the seriousness of your problem.

If you are a passive smoker who lives with a smoker. Then you can start by asking that person to allocate a specific place or two in the house to smoke and “relax.”

Remember that even if you do not understand how smoking a cigarette can calm them so much or make them so irritable. The reality is that the psychological effect exists, the power of the mind and its ways of taking refuge are very amazing.

So, although it is good that you always advise the person to stop smoking, practice tolerance and respect. But demanding them to also respect your right to be comfortable in your own home is good as well.

The 5 Most Effective Ways to Remove Cigarette Odor

Although; in fact there are more than 5 alternatives, here we will tell you the most effective and for sure you can apply according to your availability of resources and time.

And so; although the solutions below are all very economical, what determines most of the times which we can apply is the amount of time we have.

Either because we are leaving and we do not want to let the smell settle. Because we are coming and we are surprised by the accumulated smell and we want a quick solution. Or because we will soon have visitors and it turns out that the whole house smells of cigarette.

Apply the one that suits you according to your case and tell us how it was.

1- Deep Cleaning


That is, one of the most effective alternatives, but it is a great investment of time and effort. Thorough cleaning is one of the most effective ways because we do not disguise the smell, but we eliminate the residues that cause it.

That is why to perform this cleaning you will need:

•Vacuum cleaner
•Aerosol cleaner
•Lemon based cleaning product
•Air purifier

With these 4 elements you can be completely sure that you will eliminate odors, as long as you follow these steps at the time of cleaning.

The first thing is to ventilate all the spaces, open the windows, turn on the fans you have, and if they are ceiling fans the better.

Then take care of emptying the ashtrays, they are the main source of the residual smell of the cigarette, which is one of the most uncomfortable. You will notice the cigarette smell comes from two sources: smoke and ashes.

The smoke particles, when impregnated in the fabrics, leather or glass, cause that almost anywhere of the house smells of cigarette. Nevertheless; ashtrays full of butts are the main source of bad smell.

Remove any residue and wash well with a lemon-based product.

Vacuum the furniture, curtains and floor, then use the aerosol scrubber and finally turn on the air purifier. It’s a bit of heavy work, if your house is big and the smell is everywhere.

But the satisfaction of that transition from cigarette smell to clean smell is priceless.

2- Sand in the Ashtrays

That’s right; the sand at the bottom of the ashtray is not only decorative, especially combined with some branches of the plant that we will tell you next. The sand also works as it catches odors, so in a way; it “mutes” the main source of residual odors.

In addition, you could inculcate the smoker to change the sand in your ashtray from time to time; It’s kind of like having a cat that can clean its own box.

3- Aromatic Coffee Candles


The aroma of coffee is one of the allies to eliminate odors, but it acts directly on the particles in the air. So instead of making coffee and then wandering around the house, it is best to have aromatic candles at critical points.

The critical points are those where the person who smokes is usually located to enjoy his cigarette. A candle will not disguise the aroma, but will fight it and silence it at the moment.

Best of all, you can use this candle with coffee aroma even after the cigarette smoke has dissipated since you will eliminate the residual odors anyway.

4- Water and Vodka

No, it is not for you to throw it at the smoker and ruin cigarette (although sometimes, it is what you desire to do). Homemade flavorings are often better than the sprays they sell in stores.

One of the best to combat the residual smell of the cigarette in furniture, curtains and other textiles such as leather or even wood, granite, cement and plastic is water with vodka.

Of course, it is also good to add a few drops of orange, mint or lemon essence.

With this homemade preparation; make sure of spraying all the furniture and those critical areas where the cigarette smell accumulates. Similar to the coffee candles that fight the particles in the air, this combination of products will combat the particles already attached in your furniture.

5- Water and Vinegar


No, it is not another flavoring product. It is more of an alternative solution when you do not have the resources to apply any of the previously mentioned solutions. That is; when the candles are gone, when you do not have time to clean, and when you do not have vodka because they drank it all.

Place the water to boil and you must wait until it is at its boiling point to add 1 cup of vinegar per 3 of water. The quantities matter, because if there are several rooms that smell like cigarette, you must invest the solution in all of them.

The best way is using the cups of aromatic coffee candles; or placing new glasses in discrete places so as not to cause disharmony in the decoration.

Soon you will notice that all the residual odors, even the smells of past meals like the fried food, the smell of fish or any other just disappeared.

Of course, you need enough time for the water to boil and then distribute it throughout the house; but it is definitely one of the super effective solutions that less resources demand.

Surely you will find among these solutions your favorites, but if you know another alternative equally efficient than the aforementioned; do not hesitate to share them with us! Your knowledge to expand the list of alternatives is very welcomed; and we will have at home more tools to combat the annoying smell of cigarette.


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